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harro daysoochon

So, the last two months and a half, maybe more, I've been playing games all the time.
I haven't seen any shows.
So, what's good that's currently airing/will start airing shortly/just finished airing?
Suggestions/opinions/recommendations much appreciated.

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i love those "recommend me something" when they didn't say anything about their favourite genres etc.

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well there is that hint that they like yandere

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I watch everything, as long as it's not over moe-fied bullshit.

Last edited 10/05/13(Thu)14:15.

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This season:

Angel Beats is pretty good

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is an above average harem because of its wide variety of characters (something for everyone, you should see how different /a/'s tier lists are) as well as having a not shit male lead

Kiss x sis is sort of harem, if you like wincest, you might like it... I guess

Mayoi Neko Overrun is sort of.... part moe, part fun. The first few eps are mildly entertaining, but episode 4 was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Overall pretty decent.

Rainbow is good if you want to watch something dark and depressing, otherwise avoid it.

Working!! is one of the best slice of life animus I've seen yet, dat hair

Senkou no Night Raid has interesting plots for the single episodes, but if you try to follow the giant overarching plot between some of the characters and the history that they try to explain between the action, your head will start to spin. Just watch it for the fighting and drama, and maybe some of the characters

This all coming from a fellow watch-pretty-much-everything-fag with a fairly high tolerance for shitty series.

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>Senkou no Night Raid has interesting plots for the single episodes

One thing it lacks, however, is consistent and on time subs.

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>Angel Beats is pretty good
>Working!! is one of the best slice of life animus I've seen yet

Both seconded. Watch these.

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Many thanks.

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Missing two good shows:

Katanagatari and Durarara.

Katanagatari is a comedic epic adventure with some pretty GAR moments, and Durarara is a slice of life with lots of really interesting characters.

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The thing that annoys me about Katanagatari is that the ep's only come out once a month. Then again, It'll probably make the ending feel a whole lot more epic because it'll span an actual IRL year.

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Also, each episode is nearly an hour long.

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I liked Tatami Galaxy

btw, Katanagatari 9 is out

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