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Ever wanted your own Juiz?

Well now you can! Almost...

Sign up for a Visa Signature card, and you'll be given something called the "concierge service."

Call them free of charge and you can make any request as long as it doesn't break the following rules:

  1. We cannot get you an interview to work for a sports team.
  2. We do not have special access to confidential government reports.
  3. We do not have discounts for venues, restaurants, or services not included on the website http://www.visa.com/signature.
  4. If a hotel is completely sold out and booked, we cannot reserve a room there; however we'd be glad to check other hotels nearby.
  5. We cannot research your school paper, or do your job for you.
  6. We can't run personal errands or call your friends for you.
  7. We can't plan your wedding, but we can help you find a wedding planner.
  8. As far as what's considered unethical behavior, consider this an example: If child prostitution is legal somewhere, we won't help you find one; however if you're in Nevada and want to make an appointment for a rendezvous at the Bunny Ranch, we'd be glad to help you check rates and availability.
  9. We don't have access to your credit card account information or rewards program.

I can only imagine the awesome possibilities.

Got the info from: http://gizmodo.com/5542437/how-to-make-your-credit-card-obey-your-every-desire

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Can they help with a Coup d'├ętat?

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I sure hope they have someone with a voice as sexy as Juiz to answer.

And I want them to call me a Messiah.

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