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>We're no longer hosting manga on this site

I can't keep up with my regular mangas(gantz, naruto, bleach) since all these sites have started not hosting them nor linking to a download.

What are some sites that I can go to and read these mangas, or download them if I have to?
All I ask is that they're all in the same site and have the latest chapter translated.

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Gantz - mangavolume.com/serie-archive/mangas-gantz/

What i use for Claymore and One Piece, but has Bleach and lolnaruto - mangastream.com/manga

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Has Bleach and Naruto along with some others.
These are read online but they don't keep a lot of chapters up. Like 4 or 5 chapters up per series.

A lot of titles for downloading. It's free, just have to make an account. They have Gantz up to 324 (don't know if that's recent).

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>I can't keep up with my regular mangas
>my regular mangas

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