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Hey guys, I've been thinking of finally watching some Gundam..Only there are so many Gundam shows, that I don't know where to start.
Can you guys recommend something?

(Keep in mind, I've only seen some Mobile Gundam G or however it was called back in the day, and nothing else.)

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Ah... where to start.

I would say watch Mobile suit Gundam (the very first one with from 1979) You can either watch this by episodes or watch it in the 3 movies which are basically the episodes but with just the important stuff in.

Then it would be Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (My favourite) Again this can be episodes or movies, though i've only watched the episodes.

Then it would carry on to ZZ gundam and then Victory Gundam, Thats all the Universal century gundam with more than 15 episodes, there are many OVA's and movies in this Gundam universe too, like 08th MS Team and Char's counter attack. So if you dont mind animation from 1985 and have the time to watch it all, i'd say watch that, and then carry on to the other Gundam universes.

If not and you want to watch something more modern i would go for either Gundam Seed and Destiny or Gundam 00, These are more modern with animation quality, etc Gundam 00 has an original storyline as such, but i feel that Seed and Destiny have a similar storyline of Mobile suit Gundam/Zeta. Though its not an exact the similarities are there.

I havent seen Gundam Wing, not completly anyway, and the episodes i watched i didnt like it, This gundam series is the "you either love it or hate" kind, so you may want to check into that.

If you want a list of all the gundam series aswell as their order and seperate universes use this link.


I could go into more details on a seperate series if you want, but all this is just an overview and my opinion, I'd say watch them all but start with Mobile Suit Gundam and carry on with the other series in that universe (Bonus points by watching the OVA's/movies when they should be during the story)

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I don't care about animation quality, a great anime is great whether it was done in 1979 or the 2000s.

God, you were so helpful.
Thanks bro, I really appreciate it. :3

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0079(the very first Mobile Suit Gundam) then Zeta then Char's counter attack (Double Zeta optional, but it's worth watching anyway).The other series beyond Char's Counterattack are optional, but they expand the story further beyond that, so it's worth watching. But that's for UC Gundam though.

Wing and Endless Waltz is pretty nice. Same goes with 00, although season 2 was mediocre at best.

SeeD is a bit decent, but SeeD Destiny is beyond shit, especially after LOL JESUS YAMATO HAX.

also, watch G Gundam for the GAR.

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