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I've been on restriction for about 4-5 months (Couldn't have any of my personal effects including computer) now what animes are worth watching at the moment?

Please halp I feel so out of place and I'm trying to get myself back into my old rhythm of watching anime, and reading manga.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Aoi no Exorcist, Ano Hito, Deadman Wonderland(if you like generic), Nichijou, Tiger and Bunny, and Maria Holic Alive, Denpa something, and Stiens;Gate.
Luckily for you summer season is just starting so get to it link above related

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Yeah, the new season looks to be good.

Baka test, nichijou is continuing, Yuru Yuri seems good, and im 5 min into No.6 and it looks like it'll be good too.

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>Denpa something

Denpa Onna to seishun Otoko I actually downloaded the first episode before I got put on restriction haha

I enjoyed what I was able to see of it.

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Seen Redline? It's an anime movie about a death race with aliens...

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