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https://youtube.com/watch?v=0ROokw5OHRc [Embed]
This is NOT an April Fools joke, you can tell because it's a day later. If you think Truck-kun needs to be tagable at e-hentai and have an account, say so in the thread. All I need is one account to back me up and then by the rules there simply has to be a vote on it!

You know we need to be able to find out where Truck-kun has gone last to protect ourselves. Vote for my tag! JUST DO IT!!! For the lolis! And if you don't have an account then spread my link and get the word out so someone will vote for it!!! Do it so you can protect yourself from the lolis of seeing girls smashed by trucks! As /a/ you know you want this!


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I would but I don't have an account

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you actually think this site is alive enough to do this?

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He's delusional.

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