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Does anyone have a screencap of that thread from last year where Kira and the guy from the Sonic commercials are talking?
He's like, "Kirakishou, you're driving me...". I loved it so much.
It ended with her saying, "TO THE MOVIES?"...

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You can't feel it but I am sending you my love

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Feel free to tell me what u think and any more ideas about what would make it even more owsome is welcome.
I still have all the vectors & the PSD (exsept crystals) and i can post it on almost any resolution u like and any of the materials used aswell.
-technical details:
programs used: photoshop, illustrator, freehand
original pic is'nt mine I jast traced it on illustrator (end i consider it to be pretty awsome for my 3rd time using it), the vines I made a month ago on freehand, the crystals in the back i did spesificly for this WP today, and the rest i jast finished on photoshop.
-whay am I doing all this ?
becouse I consider spreding the awsomeness of kira very importent
Edit: cool 888 get

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could be not bad if you made a darker version, with another background without flares, less lighting and use a font with sharp (w/o rounded) edges in it for the "the 7th.." label.. just an idea

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yeh I know I went a bit overboard with the lighting I'm going to play with it some more.
beckground.. I think I'l try a few others I had in mind.
about the font yes I know it is'nt that great but that the closest thing I had, I'm going to search some cooler one now, if you have one in mind than upload I can allways use more :)
also I need to do some minor color ejastments on kira vector (illustrator) file

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More please, I beg you.

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Did someone say bananas

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