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Have you guys keeping up with the figures? During the original days of first show we only got a Volks figure and then some garage kits (including one from Volks actually) which was VERY hard for me to get it, especially because I was underaged back then. Second wind from the show gave it a bit more regular figures and I was able to at least snatch the two main ones to me.

I was unfortunately never able to find the Yujin ones, the mini one from Banpresto and the garage kits, but years later I'm still going on, searching more Souseiseki related stuff. I also got two of the official Rozen Maiden Artbooks over the years. I'm still gonna maybe-kinda-sorta-probablynot one day find what I'm missing.

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I would suggest that you go check out one site called MyFigureCollection.

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