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Oranges are not the only lambs, desu~


It was a dark and stormy night. An unnatural haze lingered over Japan. In her box, Suiseiseki shivered. For a summer night, the air was cold and the sky was black. It was almost as if something evil lurked out there in the shadows.

Suiseiseki rolled over, clutching her pillow, and tried to fall back asleep. But a worry nagged in the back of her mind. Something was not right. No matter how she tried, some ghostly force prevented her from sleeping. It made her uneasy. With a sigh, she rolled out of her box, pulled on her headscarf, and poured herself a cup of water from the watering can on the shelf next to hers. Quietly, she left her cupboard.

The halls were silent as she walked in the dark. She did not know where she was going, or why, but her body seemed to move on its own accord. She was being drawn by an unseen power. Past Jun's bedroom, past the dining hall, past the kitchen, and out onto the terrace. With the moon hidden behind thick clouds, it was nearly impossible to see in the inky black night. But something lying on the path to Suiseiseki's right made her gasp in shock. A body!

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'Her situation is severe,' Jun said in a worried voice. 'Whether or not she will live until morning is beyond my sight. Shinku will do the best she can, but...' his voice trailed off.

Suiseiseki could sense his fear. There was a good chance the young human might die. 'Is there anything I can do to help?' she asked.

Jun sadly shook his head. 'Nothing your sister is not already trying. But it might help if you just sat with her, the Special Agent, I mean. She will need to see a friendly face when she wakes up from this ordeal, and you are the closest thing she has right now.'

'I understand,' said Suiseiseki. 'And I will stay with her for as long as it takes, desu~. I will not let her die, desu!'

With that, Suiseiseki turned and hurried to the room where the wounded Special Agent was being nursed. She was surrounded by the other dolls, all of whom wore the same concerned expression. They had brushed her hair and cleaned her power suit with cold tea, but still the human showed no signs of improvement. Her breathing was shallow, and her pulse was weak. Shinku turned to Suiseiseki with a defeated sigh.

'It will be an uphill battle,' she said. 'We have done all we can at this time. Now, we can only wait and see if she wakes.'

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'Where... where am I?'

Suiseiseki jerked awake with a start when she heard the words being spoken. She stared down at her patient, an immense wave of relief coursing through her dolljoints. The human was alive! And from the looks of things, she was on her way to making a full recovery.

'You are in Japan,' Suiseiseki told him. 'I found you last night, lying unconscious and nearly dead on a path coming from the forest, desu. I carried you inside, and my sisters tended to your wounds. Please, tell me your name and how you came to be here, desu!'

'My name is Clarice,' said the human. 'I come from the FBI. I was on an errand from the Behavioural Science Unit at Quantico. But last night... All I remember is that I was riding through the forest when suddenly I was attacked by a group of serial killers. At least three surrounded me, I didn't the check corners. I tried to escape, but there were so many, and I had only my firearm for protection. And that is the last thing I recall. I do not know how I came to be here, or why I am not dead.'

Suiseiseki smiled at her. 'The stars must shine favourably on you, desu. To live through such an ordeal... that is more than mere luck.' It was more than luck, too, that Clarice had wound up in Japan and Suiseiseki had found her. Now that they two were together, it felt almost like fate had lent a hand. Clarice was meant to be here, and Suiseiseki was meant to have found her. Why, Suiseiseki did not know. But it felt so certain.

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Within three days, Clarice had improved enough to leave her bed. Jun gave her a new set of his mother's clothes, and she was able to wander the corridors and gardens by herself. But the one thing that troubled her was Suiseiseki's absence. Since the morning when she'd first awoken in Japan, she had not seen Suiseiseki at all. It was as if her rescuer had simply disappeared. She had asked Jun where his doll could be, but Jun had no answer. Suiseiseki was gone without a trace.

Clarice desired to speak with Suiseiseki again, and properly thank her for saving her life. But she also just wanted to see the pretty doll once more. She could not explain it, but she felt a deep connection to Suiseiseki, either forged by the lifesaving bond or some other power. She knew that Suiseiseki was someone special. Someone she had to see again.

It wasn't until the sixth day after Clarice had recovered that Suiseiseki returned. She rode up the same path where Clarice had been found, dragging a net filled with serial killers behind her. All three of them.

'Here are your serial killers, desu~!' she called to Clarice. 'I found them hiding out in a cave not far from here.'

Clarice stared in surprise, eyes going wide. 'You captured... all of them by yourself?'

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badly edited
has no vacuum p●n●s spider

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not bad.
plz crosspost to /lit/

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Make it caustic!

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Needs moar templates.

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fucking signed.
Also, courtesy sage.

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Listened to it and it definitely needs more desu.
Part that begins at ~22:30 is not bad..

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Can't help but laugh at the Keywords.

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huh. pretty cool. but yeah, it needs moar desu. can't help but feel disappointed when the desu stops after the first minute.


>house; downtempo; dub; roots; shoegaze; acid; goa; psychedelic; mix; earth; progressive; strange; math; angel; walk; pot; free; science; magic; wizard; lsd; peyote; sf; good; bad; ugly; beautiful; wonderful; waterfall; tide; current; rune; life; death; girl; sex; shrooms

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I don't know what this is, but I'm saging it

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There was a scary desu thread here, but I've lost it desu~

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There is a lack of desu porn here, we must rectify this.

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Well, fuck I missed that, judging by the post ID, it must be really old.

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No worries.
Heck, there's stuff I know is around here somewhere, so I start looking for it, blow past it a few times ....
We didn't have a board wipe this year, so by next year there's gonna be a LOT of stuff to page through.
Also, adding pic because it needs moar DESU desu~

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