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I speak German, and whenever I see the name "Jade Stern" (Yah-`deh Sht-ärn), I think "Jade Star", because that what "Stern" translates to, but one Wikipedia and other various places, it say "Jade Stone", but "Stone" in German is "Stein".

What gives?

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for gods sake i hope you are wrong, otherwise there is quite a big booboo on a lot of pictures and info

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Sadly, I don't think I am.

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Das ist ein Skandal! Du solltest besser nicht sagen, es ist wahr!

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i guess it originates from her name in Jap:

翠 - emerald, jade
星 - star
石 - stone, gem

there's also 隕星 and 隕石 meaning falling star/meteorite.. does it have anything with "star stone"...

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Probably the same process as yields this kind of result.

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Her full name would be Jade Stern Stein then. Problem resolved?

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Lassen sie es zu ihnen, gleich geschehen hier nicht erhalten

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9 year necropost, wew

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