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So basically in this thread I'm going to report my latest succeses in field of becoming a true desufag.

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So far my acomplishments were small. I've watched the first two seasons and OVA around a year ago. It was pretty good though in another thread somebody said OVA is shit(I suppose because it's uncanonical). As for the main two seasons they were a masterpiece in my opinion.

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I would recommend reading the manga before anything, the path the story goes in comparison to the anime its quite a bit different, and feeds into what most rozenfags enjoy about Rozen Maiden in my opinion, and what makes it different than most anime/manga. It has a different set on what to encourage, in contrast to most anime manga, that encourage and humor the lost hikikomori lifestyle, not willing to overcome or grow over most obstacles and challenges life has to offer. I personally feel everyone has something great about them, and its just either ignored or never tapped into.

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>It was pretty good though in another thread somebody said OVA is shit(I suppose because it's uncanonical)

No, no, no, no. First two seasons were pretty uncanonical themselves, but still awesome. Personally I think OVA was... out of place. It didn't match even that uncanonical universe at all. It added some lore it shouldn't have added. And on top of that it explained background of Gin-Shinku hatred in most dumb way possible. OVA was just two bad episodes, end of the story.

Nonetheless I'm very happy you enjoyed first two seasons so much. Why don't you gice manga a chance, then?

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Really grinds my gears how quick some are to call the first two seasons + OVA uncanonical despite those two seasons being the reason RM continued to exist as a franchise at all. Never forgetti Barasuishou spaghetti.

Also I think posting broke again. Honestly the site seems unstable in general lately. What's going on?

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Re-watched first two season and OVA approximately a month ago. Finally finished Zuruckspulen. Also began reading the first manga.

Sorry for absence of updates and responses, I was kind of busy.

As for my opinion on that: Zuruckspulen was generally great but I liked the first two uncanonical seasons better. Also I think there was too few of Desu.

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Maybe it had some poor drama but it's waaaaay better than the most of contemporary OVAs. Yes, it's not a masterpiece and the prequel could be better but I wouldn't dare to call it shit in comparison to that fanservice and filler concentrations that we call modern OVAs

Last edited 19/03/01(Fri)13:46.

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I don't think that uncanonical means bad. Though there are some bad examples of uncanonical endings(like in Hellsing) Rozen Maiden was certainly a lot better than most of titles I seen.

As for the flaws in site's work: they are definitely present and irritating. Week ago I wasn't able to even open it. I know that I shouldn't complain because this site is like 15 year old but that's definitely annoying.

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