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Why is this place so dead, yet so massive?
Is this just a bygone relic from desu memes?

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Did you really have to make NINE posts bitching about this place?
Have you ever even watched the Rozen Maiden anime?
Have you ever even read the manga?
Welcome to desuchan, now settle down & take it easy.

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That's not one person making it. It's the first impression that appears when you enter this great place.

I made such a post too but there's nobody to make NINE of such complaints by himself.

I'm going to have to back up the other Anon on this one. I can see the IP address posting, and they were all from the same IP - that's why all the dupes are gone. Being a janitor is not exciting, but it's something to do.

Last edited by moderator 19/03/14(Thu)14:21.

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Wait wtf, I only posted once?

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Wait, wtf I only posted once?
Is this just my internet acting up?

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Are you actually this new? How old are you?

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