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Holy shit... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBXr15K2uSc

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I prefer this video


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nah it's a fair question, if abit direct.

I work as a guard in a prison for youth offenders. It doesnt pay very well though, and im enrolled in part-time study which also costs alot.

But i still somehow manage to fund these little hobbies of mine. (and generally keep them secret)

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Diary 2009


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moe robot making coffee (Base robot: KHR-2HV)


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I want this even though i don't drink coffee

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I am now full of unhealthy levels of squee

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I recently bought a Sekiguchi Momoko doll (Lazy Seventeen) and I have been Googleing for forums to ask some beginner's questions, but have had no luck so far in finding any good forums that aren't specifically for posting pictures of the dolls. :(
Maybe someone here can help me?
(BTW, I hope Momoko is accepted here -_- )

1) First, and most importantly, can a skirt for a "25cm Azone Pure Neemo" doll fit a Momoko doll, even though it is a 27cm? The Pure Neemos look like their waists may be bigger, but I have no way of confirming it.

2) Second, can anyone give any sites to purchase Momoko clothes or clothes that will fit them?

3) Third, and final, can anyone point me to a site where I can find music headphones that will fit the Momokos?

Seriously, I would be extremely grateful if anyone can answer these questions. Besides searching for forums, I have also asked these questions on Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswer... with no luck so far.

(The pic is of the doll I got... I didnt have time to post my own pics)

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A great 1/6 resource forum would be junkyspot.com's forum, and their sister forum which is for general dolls not purchased through Junkyspot, Dollfie Dreamland.

I don't doubt that there will be a handful of users who will be more then able to answer any and all questions you might have, but if my memory serves, the skirt you're thinking about getting should fit; Azone, Volks, Obitsu, Momoko, and Pullip all have very similar body circumferences regardless of which height you're going with, and a skirt should be fine - I'd just stay away from shirts and pants meant for 25's until you could hit someone up for comparative measurements or side by side pictures, as those might be too short/long.

On that note, Barbie and Takara Jenny clothes will fit your Momoko and not completely assrape your wallet.

As for mic. 1/6 scale items like headphones, one-sixth depot and monkey depot will probably have all you're looking for and more - I'd buy their clothing with a grain of salt, though, as they stock stuff primarily taken from manry military figures, and they're ginormous.

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ah, so very cute! Punky with a lot of character. Awesome!

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I just wanted to update, just in case anyone is interested :/ :
1) I bought the skirt, and it fits, but only slightly (I may just have gotten lucky). Definitely though, pants for the Pure Neemo wouldnt fit.
2) I have been constantly searching around the net and have found a few GOOD sites to buy Momoko clothing. 1 Site is TTYA Jeans, which is a seller who custom makes her clothing and is selling them (http://www.ttyausa.com/ (USA) or http://ttyadoll.com/ (International?) or http://ttyacom.cafe24.com/ (Korea) ).
Another great site is BIC, which sells a bunch of official Sekiguchi Momoko clothing (http://biccoltd.ocnk.net/)
3) I never really found any headphones, but found some Barbie ones on eBay, but they are the cheap, solid colored chunk of plastic ones... I was hoping for something SOMEWHAT more realistic. But, meh... I may go with the Barbie ones and paint them.

Thanks for the help Anon :)

Yes! Very! I love her so much :3

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creepy. doll.

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So do I.

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