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I was just wondering if there is a list of "must-read" doujins. newfag here just recently read the manga and Tales through 9 and nothing else, looking for more story oriented then sexual, but anything's fine.

tl;dr: What's you favorite Doujin?

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Orange Pekoe'd probably be my fave (lol shinkufag here). anything by Mikihouse is good. Mikihouse's art is fantastic and their stories are funny, cute and well developed. The Magnificent Gin-sama (Vols. 1 and 2 posted in >>1) is required reading for sure due to being hilarious. I also like Seed Leaf by CherriA / Himeichigo because of the sweet (as in d'aww) storylines. Idol Maiden is a good read for the art, but it's short. Also good for a one-shot read is The Queen of Braves GAOMAIDEN, it's lulzy. If you're into darker themes, including violence, you should also look into the Raid SLASH C-Series: Crossfire, Conclusion and ClownMaster.

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