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I was browsing the links at Peach Pit and on one of the links I saw this book shown
looks like I'll have to add it to my next order when I send off for Dolls Talk v02 and Rotschwarz

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Oh my, yes.
How much I would give to have one. Even the cover looks pretty awesome.

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File: 1396909110569.jpg -(47.2 KiB, 256x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw the 2009 artbook foreshadowed the ending
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I tried to get one of those

unfortunately by the time I found out what it was, and went to get one, the price had more than doubled, which put it way out of range of what I could afford :-(

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one of the links on the Peach Pit site took me over to this site, where I saw the book near the bottom of the page

I'm ordering mine through White Rabbit Express (the special order dept of White Rabbit)
click on the green dot with the arrow in it near the top of the page, that takes you over to the special order page

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Fear not! We're getting a new artbook April 18th, called 薔薇乙女 (Japanese for, well, Rozen Maiden).


Now, whether it will contain the artwork from the previous book or only works from 2008--2014, I can't say. I hope it has all the artwork! I can say, though, that another tweet (which I'm too lazy to find atm) confirmed that the side chapters in Ribon magazine and Jump SQ will be included.

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a new artbook, that's cool
for me though it will have to wait until next month before I can get it
the books I've ordered, and the anime series I'll be ordering later this month takes care of my anime/manga budget for this month

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