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Anyone have the remaining untranslated raws of RM?

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Sorry about the triple post, the site would be loading eternally so I tried to do over and over. Also can't delete it for some reason.

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Just wait a few weeks and Krunchy will finsih translating the rest of the manga. But since you insist.


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is that the raws for RMII ? ... or the original story arc ?
I found all the raws for RMII at http://mangarar.com/

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Well I can wait, but I wanted the raws so that I can use it for some Japanese practice.

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you can get all the raws for the entire Rozen Maiden II story @ http://mangarar.com/ ... on the initial page there is a little search window in the upper right side of the screen ... just type in Rozen Maiden then click on the little button ... it will send you over to the page for the raws ... the best two sources to use are the Bitshare and Freakshare sites

that is how I got the raws for RMII ...all 10 vol's

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