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since Suigintou doesnt have her own section ... and this is about the most active thread ... I'll post it to in here

I was digging back through some old archived data from 2009 ... and found a pic of Gin in an unrelated folder ... so here is RM's best girl :-)

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File: 1471262808683.png -(235.8 KiB, 283x327) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You've made two glaring errors

  1. Suigintou does have her own section: https://desuchan.net/yakult/
  2. Shinku is best girl
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ahhh ok ... I understand about the yakult section ... though it is called "Alice" ... not Suigintou ... unlike dawa which is called Shinku, or bananas for Kirakishou

as for RM's best girl ... I'll stick by my statement :-)
LOL yeah I know everyone will argue which one is the best until the end of time
Shinku is just an annoying bossy little twit, though she IS less annoying than Kanaria
... of all the dolls in the RM stories, Suigintou evolved the most, she went from pretty much hating everyone, especially humans, to actually caring about her medium once she got one, and actually worked to protect her medium
Shinku on the other hand just kept using/abusing Jun every chance she got ... he should have kicked her to the curb long before the original arc ended

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