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over the past few days I have been re-reading an old manga (one of my favorites) ... it has been a few years since I last read it

I was more than a little bit surprised to notice that Shinku, and Suigintou made cameo appearances in that manga

Both mangas started in 2002 ... and both were by Peach Pit ... Rozen Maiden (the first story) ... and the other one was the manga DearS

Shinku and Suigintou appear in ch 37 of Dears

in an earlier ch, I forget which one, was also a cameo appearance by one of Shinku's favorite TV characters ... KunKun ... one of the little alien girls has a KunKun plushie

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Maybe I'll finally pick up other Peach Pit manga. I started Shugo Chara, but never finished it. DearS was also considered. Might as well read them some time.

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