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I've come with news, I have gotten my hands on a Volunteer to translate floor 9 desu, however I am am in need of floor 9's raws ~desu if I can get my hands on those, we may be able to get the translation back on track ~desu

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thankyou, I have already obtained them, and floor 9 is almost ready for review then typesetting.

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it would be wonderful to get some progress on getting RM0 scanlated
if the raws I posted links to were a help then I am glad I made that post :-)

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well, it look like that was just a teaser

it is now two months later, and nothing, yet again

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Here are raws for ROZEN MAIDEN 0 from Chapter 11 to Chapter 15 so far.

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File: 1518043698132.jpg -(108.6 KiB, 750x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

things have been hectic keeping things on track, do know the project is still ongoing.

a secondary translator may come into the picture this month. with that we can increase to translation pace from just our one translator -who is still an armature-
we were on hold looking into getting a scanner along with the volumes, that is still under discussion, but this is great to get started on, after posting floor 9.

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goes back to trying to learn Japanese, I might be able to read the rest of the story that way

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File: 1522785424832.jpg -(63.8 KiB, 480x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New update:

We finally got the second translator on board, and the process has been continued, however we have a small issue, in regards to floor 10, there are no scans to be found of it, and we could always grind through 11+ and release them without 10 however I feel that is not the best idea, if any of you are still lurking this thread and not given up on us, we would be happy if floor 10 could be provided.

we are also looking for a second typesetter, soo far I am the only one. If a volunteer could be found we could accelerate the process and get to proof reading and releasing sooner. I plan to eventually start a thread on 4chan /a/ to search for one. but in the meantime, we have translators. and one of them is being commissioned, and is dedicated to getting the series translated.

The talk of getting a scanner and doing it ourselves is still on the table and more than likely going to happen, however when it comes to floor 10 we do not want to prolong the wait as much as it has been going on, and would prefer to use these resources for future chapters instead of ones that have been already scanned.

If there is anyone interested in typesetting here, do post. I always have desuchan open and watching overboard, for new posts.

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File: 1522798540661.jpg -(28.8 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

correction: there is actually a genuine interest over there.
most recent visit.

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I am guessing you dont actually read much of what anyone else posts

the raws for vol 02 (which contains ch's 07-12) HAVE BEEN OUT SINCE AT LEAST SEPTEMBER OF LAST YEAR

I got them off nyaa back then, and posted a link to them in here ... as to how much earlier they were out before they showed up on nyaa, that I do not know

here is the post I made back then letting everyone know that the raws for vol 02 were out on nyaa:

anon 17/09/20(Wed)06:31 No.4599 [Delete] [Edit]

the raws are out for tank vol 2

and if you want the raws for tank vol 1

and here is a copy of the post I made about that in this thread back in December:

anon 17/12/21(Thu)12:47 No.4612   [Delete]   [Edit]
it would be wonderful to get some progress on getting RM0 scanlated
if the raws I posted links to were a help then I am glad I made that post :-)

you never even responded to that post

so how about just admitting that you are never going to get anything done, instead of an endless stream of excuses and teasers

Last edited 18/04/05(Thu)05:59.

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File: 1522938084270.jpg -(230.2 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I honestly feel retarded for not seeing this earlier, also my apologese on not responding to specific posts. I usually do not like to post anything unless I have enough news to provide, as I have mentioned before, It was hard getting everything back on track, and it was not my intention to give anyone false hope, I want this translated as much as any of you do. I would not be going through the effort of getting this group together if otherwise.

instead of excuses I will bring progress, if I was able to translate, clean, typeset, and proofread myself I would have done it. However this is a team effort. and not everyone will see eye to eye with me, things are different now, if you have not seen the archived post from /a/ even though our progress was put on the backburner until we got our legitimate translator, we have one now and we went as far as commissioning this one to ensure this gets translated.

as far as progress, floor 9 is translated, and almost done with typesetting and reviewing, floors 11 and 12 are translated as well, and are awaiting typesetting. This is our progress, now that you were able to spoonfeed me this we can translate 10, and release them in order. Obviously I have some sort of reading comprehension problem, since I manage to over see this post after going through the thread on several occasions.

I can't ask for your faith in me back, but I will do everything I can to earn it.

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