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I've come with news, I have gotten my hands on a Volunteer to translate floor 9 desu, however I am am in need of floor 9's raws ~desu if I can get my hands on those, we may be able to get the translation back on track ~desu

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thankyou, I have already obtained them, and floor 9 is almost ready for review then typesetting.

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it would be wonderful to get some progress on getting RM0 scanlated
if the raws I posted links to were a help then I am glad I made that post :-)

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well, it look like that was just a teaser

it is now two months later, and nothing, yet again

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Here are raws for ROZEN MAIDEN 0 from Chapter 11 to Chapter 15 so far.

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things have been hectic keeping things on track, do know the project is still ongoing.

a secondary translator may come into the picture this month. with that we can increase to translation pace from just our one translator -who is still an armature-
we were on hold looking into getting a scanner along with the volumes, that is still under discussion, but this is great to get started on, after posting floor 9.

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