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since all the ch's for RM 0 v02 are scanlated ... I went ahead and did up compiled tank versions of vol 1 & 2

I used the raws to assemble the vols ... so they are what you would get if you bought the paper copy tank vols ... complete with covers, ToC pages, filler pages ... and numbered to correspond with the tank vol pages numbers

since the file sizes are too big to upload direct to in here, I went ahead and zipped them and uploaded them to a mega account I have

I zipped the files using winrar, since that is used by just about everyone ... I did NOT use any special settings ... and there is NO password on the files ... just a plain simple compress so I could upload them to mega

here are links to the files
RM 0 - v01
RM 0 - v02

Last edited 18/07/21(Sat)14:58.

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hmmmm ... I dont know about anyone else ... but I just tried both links to check that they were working correctly ... and for some reason they dont work with FireFox, the browser I use mostly ... the Desuchan site wont let them open directly in to here

so all you need to do is copy the links over to the normal url address window in whatever browser you use and they work fine

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since I am seeing the raws for ch 19 starting to show up ... I am keeping an eye out for the tank raws for v03 ... as soon as I can find them I'll post a link to them, like I did for earlier vol's ... and I will be able to start working on a compiled v03

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finally, the raws for RM0 v3 are out ... they are NOT on nyaa yet ... I found them on one of the raws sites

here is the link to them ... it is a mega acct
Rozen Maiden Tales 0 Zero v03.zip

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