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They kept me out of the conversation.

I request translation of the things before, "This is awful"

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Err, and this wall of text too. Sorry if there's too much English inbetween the Japanese.

[15:30] <Rice> Hi RinOrinKaenbyou
[15:30] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Hey Rice
[15:30] <Rice> *Reisen
[15:30] <Rice> actually
[15:30] <Rice> tab
[15:30] <Koishi`> Come to think of it, I don't really use へ that often either
[15:30] <Rice> But hi to you too
[15:30] <Koishi`> に works just as well.
[15:31] <RinOrinKaenbyou> So , Reisen , Rice , how are you?
[15:32] <Reisen> fine
[15:32] <Reisen> :)
[15:32] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Ready to raid some cookies later on?
[15:33] <Reisen> Probably not, I have to go soon
[15:33] <RinOrinKaenbyou> :/ ok
[15:33] <Reisen> I don't want to waste a good hot day.
[15:33] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Only good day ,is a cloudy , windy day
[15:34] <Reisen> :p
[15:34] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Sun bothers my eyes
[15:34] <RinOrinKaenbyou> And wind disperses any traces of heat
[15:34] <Koishi`> THE SUN
[15:34] <Koishi`> THE SUN
[15:34] <Koishi`> THE SUN
[15:34] <Koishi`> IS BAD
[15:34] <RinOrinKaenbyou> ikr
[15:35] <Reisen> umm...ok lol
[15:35] <Koishi`> おりんのおちんぽ。欲する。
[15:35] <Koishi`> :3
[15:35] <RinOrinKaenbyou> But seriously , the sun hurts my eyes if i expose them to it for too long
[15:35] <Mii> 太陽はあかんやん
[15:35] <Koishi`> 読めるな
[15:36] <RinOrinKaenbyou> (and i don't mean looking into it)
[15:36] <Reisen> haha
[15:36] <Reisen> I thought you meant looking at it
[15:36] <Koishi`> Wait
[15:36] <Rice> me 2
[15:36] <Koishi`> What did I just type?
[15:36] <Koishi`> 読むな
[15:36] * Mii が読んで笑った
[15:36] <RinOrinKaenbyou> And i generally hate heat
[15:36] <Koishi`> 読むな!
[15:36] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Summer is the worst season >.<
[15:36] <Reisen> Well, I don't know um, wear a cap like me I guess. :3
[15:37] <Koishi`> おりんのちんぽもおいしそう
[15:37] <Koishi`> 飲みたい
[15:37] <Koishi`> This is awful.
[15:37] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I wonder , if i had a Moriya shrine on top my hill , would it be more windy
[15:37] <RinOrinKaenbyou> of my?
[15:37] <RinOrinKaenbyou> of my*
[15:38] <Koishi`> Mii, did you die from laughing?
[15:38] <Reisen> Probably xD
[15:38] <Koishi`> Reisen, you could understand what I typed?
[15:38] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I think Reisen was referring to me
[15:38] <RinOrinKaenbyou> :P
[15:38] <Mii> おう まい がああd!
[15:39] <Reisen> no Koishi`, I do not speak Japanese
[15:39] <Koishi`> マイガド
[15:39] <Mii> 助けて神様
[15:39] <Koishi`> どうしたの?
[15:39] <Koishi`> おりん好き好き好き
[15:39] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Reisen
[15:39] <Koishi`> 愛してるもん!
[15:39] <Mii> Koishi`は日本語で私を殺したい
[15:39] <Reisen> yes?
[15:40] <Reisen> *Yes?
[15:40] <RinOrinKaenbyou> How do you invite two living goddesses and a half goddess to your hill? :/
[15:40] <Koishi`> セクス
[15:40] <Mii> おいで生きる女神
[15:41] <Reisen> Is that setting up for a pun, or a legit question?
[15:41] <Mii> oide ikiru megami futari
[15:41] <Koishi`> 分からなかった
[15:41] <Koishi`> おいで と 生きる
[15:41] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Semi-legit
[15:41] <Mii> 何を?
[15:41] <Koishi`> おいで mostly
[15:41] <Koishi`> I looked it up with rikai-chan, but it still didn't make sense.
[15:42] <Mii> おいで come
[15:42] <Reisen> ehm, I wouldn't know xD
[15:42] <Mii> 生きる女神 -
[15:42] <Mii> living goddess
[15:42] <Koishi`> The woman god that lives?
[15:42] <Reisen> Bring snacks I guess
[15:42] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Yeah i was thinking cookies
[15:42] <Koishi`> It's verbs like that that confuse me because of how they turn out in English
[15:42] <Koishi`> Say, for example,
[15:42] <Koishi`> 生まれ
[15:42] <Mii> :3
[15:42] <-- samproidz has left this server (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
[15:43] <Koishi`> err
[15:43] <Koishi`> Let me fix that
[15:43] <Koishi`> Hold on, need to see what the original verb was
[15:43] <Koishi`> 生まれろ!
[15:43] <Mii> 。。。。。。
[15:43] <Reisen> hm..make sure you bring a beverage as well ;)
[15:43] <Koishi`> That.
[15:43] <Mii> はい
[15:43] <Mii> what about it?
[15:43] <Koishi`> It's weird in English
[15:43] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Good idea
[15:43] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Sake probably
[15:43] <Koishi`> BORN!
[15:43] <Koishi`> YOU BORN!
[15:43] <Mii> whats wrong with it?
[15:44] <Koishi`> 英語でおかしい
[15:44] <Mii> 英語は可笑しいよ
[15:44] <Koishi`> 可笑しくありません (Do I still remember polite form?)
[15:44] <Mii> 可笑しいよ!
[15:45] <Koishi`> Anyways
[15:45] <Koishi`> おりんのちんぽは。。。。
[15:45] <Koishi`> 大きいかしら (Did I do that right too?)
[15:45] <Mii> Koishi`のえっち
[15:45] <Reisen> Maybe tea would be nice?
[15:45] <Koishi`> You'll have to forgive me when I start using things I normally never do.
[15:45] <Koishi`> I.e. かしら
[15:46] <Koishi`> Hey, orin.
[15:46] <Koishi`> Orin...
[15:46] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Yea
[15:46] <Koishi`> How big is your dick?
[15:46] <RinOrinKaenbyou> >.<
[15:46] <Reisen> o_O!
[15:46] <RinOrinKaenbyou> What kind of question is that out of the blue <.<
[15:46] <Koishi`> It's not out of the blue
[15:46] <Mii> ぉl
[15:46] <Koishi`> Maybe if you payed attention to Mii and I's conversation
[15:46] <Rice> I spit out my pop reading that.
[15:47] <Mii> lol we were talking it for some time now
[15:47] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I can't speak Japanese yknow
[15:47] <Koishi`> Well, answer the question
[15:47] <RinOrinKaenbyou> And using translator is impossible with your grammar
[15:47] <Mii> may I leave?
[15:47] <Rice> Reisen: #myu
[15:47] <Koishi`> It's impossible with normal, well written, Japanese grammar
[15:47] <Mii> shall I leave? *
[15:47] <Koishi`> NO YOU MAY NOT
[15:47] <RinOrinKaenbyou> And i will not answer that question now >.<
[15:47] <Koishi`> Pretty please
[15:47] <Koishi`> We must know
[15:47] <Koishi`> To settle an arguement
[15:47] <Koishi`> ね、みい?
[15:48] <Mii> 何よ?
[15:48] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Just make something up
[15:48] <RinOrinKaenbyou> <.<
[15:48] <Mii> 恥ずかしいよ
[15:48] <Koishi`> 小さなちんぽですか?
[15:49] <Koishi`> This is a very productive use of my time.
[15:49] <Mii> おちんぽのサイズを知りたくない
[15:49] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I see....
[15:49] <Koishi`> 知りたすぎる!
[15:49] <RinOrinKaenbyou> This is quite an weird use of mine however
[15:49] <Koishi`> おりん、愛してるだから
[15:49] <Koishi`> おりんのちんぽ。。。
[15:49] <Koishi`> 欲する。
[15:50] <Koishi`> あたしの口に
[15:50] <Koishi`> ペロペロ
[15:50] <Mii> Koishi` loves you and thats why
[15:50] <Mii> omg , I wont translate any further
[15:50] <Mii> peropero?
[15:50] <Mii> O.O
[15:51] <Koishi`> はえはへはへはへあへはっははっははは
[15:51] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Ill try to translate it anyway <.<
[15:51] <Koishi`> 楽しいよ!
[15:51] <Koishi`> 楽し過ぎる
[15:51] <Koishi`> 本当に現実だ!
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Actually
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Koishi
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I don't find it as fun as you
[15:52] <Koishi`> え?
[15:52] <Mii> koishi is hentai
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> I've noticed
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> She is quite wordy
[15:52] <Koishi`> Wordy?
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Well the translator has proven useful
[15:52] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Lets say xD
[15:52] <Koishi`> ペロペロペロペロ
[15:53] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Seriously , Koishi >.<
[15:53] <Koishi`> みい、まだいるか?
[15:53] <Mii> Koish!
[15:54] <Koishi`> もう
[15:54] <Mii> やめて
[15:54] <Mii> もうやめて
[15:54] <Koishi`> 悪い人じゃない
[15:54] <Koishi`> 悪い男
[15:54] <RinOrinKaenbyou> Yeah Koishi , stop :/
[15:55] <Koishi`> はい。でも、日本語で話はいい。
[15:55] <Mii> やめないから「米」はもうこないです
[15:55] <Koishi`> Wait, what?
[15:56] <Koishi`> From not stopping the light has not come?
[15:56] <Koishi`> もうこって何?

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>I suck cocks

Pretty much the whole conversation in Japanese is about sucking dicks.

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>> No.1919   [Delete]   [Edit]

koishi is a hentai hod rod, and everyone gets flustered

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