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Damn, it's one thing to see her with him all the time but to have them going to town in the next room?
Surprise she's not pulling some crazy alien reality hacking shit.

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Poor Nagato.. ;_; she wished for a happy ending too.

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this is so much fucking bull shit, everyone knows that haruhi never wears panties

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Revenge can be had.

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Wow, this was such a god thread that I had to bump it.

This board and site is really cute. I want to post here regularly, but I don't know if I will be able to.

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Nobody posts here regularly. Just check in every few months and see the new posts. Keep Nagato in your heart.

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i post here every day and you should too

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I post here everyday too, mainly on /a/.
But nobody make post on /nagato/.I made a post two week ago and noboby have posted until you.

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maybe a lot of people are saeposting on the back pages and you just didn't notice yet?

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Maybe for the best. Quiet board is best board.

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And that double post doesn't help, fuck


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What's the purpose of sageposting here?
Do people don't want disscussion?

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