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Restart of >>598, because dead board is dead.

You come home after work. You walk up to your jissou cage. The jissou inside is merrily playing with a ball, and continues to do so before noticing you. "Hello Mr. MAn, how was your day, techi?" What do you do?

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holy crap you guys want to restart my old thread?

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Just don't expect any jissou pics. At all.

EDIT 888 GET trololol

Last edited 12/01/10(Tue)15:45.

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why the hell not?

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((Well then, without further ado, let's go. Again, no jissou pics from me; a hard drive crash annihilated everything...

Oh yeah. /nij/=/rp/))

You return from working overtime on a frigid winter night. The temperature outside is in the negatives, but you left the heat on so it is warm inside. Your kojissou is playing with a ball in her terrarium, and continues to do so for a while before noticing you through the glass. "Hello Mr. Man, techi!"

What do you do?

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"Hey there little one. How are you doing. I didn't set the heat up to high did I?" I open a nearby container and scoop out some food in a small cup.

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"Thank you, Mr. Man, techi! I'm fine, techi!" The jissou is staring rather intently at the cup of food, knowing what's inside.

((Blarg. Happy jissous are not my specialty.))

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I open the cage and pour the small cup of food inside one of its bowls. I tap its water water supply checking how low it was. "Alright chow down." I sit watching the Jissou have at it.

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"Thank you, Mr. Man!" the kojissou exclaims, before digging in with the usual and predictable gusto. She eats quickly but rather neatly, and within about two minutes the food bowl (and surrounding area) is clean. After she finishes, she waddles over to the poop pan and pushes out a fair amount of green excrement, and then returns to playing with her ball.

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I nod in approval at the jissou, watching it clean up and poop in the right spot. I reach into my pocket and pull out a small candy i had picked up earlier. I open the cage and set it inside. "There you go. Its a reward for being so clean." I stand and stretch, then walk towards my room."Be good ill be back in a bit."

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The kojissou's eyes light up as you compliment her and give her a konpeito. "Thank you Mr. Man! I'll be good, techi!" She consumes the candy in one swift bite. "Delicious, te..."

((So, I presume we're skipping 'till morning?))

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I close my door to my bedroom and sigh. I change into something more comfortable and go to my closet. I pull open the door and flick on the light. The imprisoned jissou shy away in a corner of the cage. They are naked hairless and ready for 'fun'. "Play time." I grin wickedly

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Four jissous sit before you, naked, hairless, and terrified. They cower in the corner of the closet, knowing full well from their time on the street the consequences of asking for a home. Not a word is said, not even to cry out in fear. They simply cower on their paws and knees, tears leaking from their eyes and shit from their asses.

All except for one maggot, the fifth family member, likely born just recently in response to the mother's extreme fear. It looks up at you with childishly innocent eyes that shine with joy, and says:

"Belly soft and squishy, please rub, refu!"

It presents said stomach to you, limb-stumps spread wide. One of the children, afraid to speak, gestures to it, perhaps to call it away from your feet for fear of its destruction, but it takes no heed. Instead, it stares into your cold eyes with its mismatched, joyful ones. Completely ignoring the hapless maggot, you don a pair of Bad Jissou gloves. Returning your attention to the family, you decide to...

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I proceed to pick up the new born maggot. I set it on the other side of the cage in full view of its doomed family.
"I like an audiance."
It turns over again asking for a belly rub. I gently rub it intill it is saticficed. "There you go little buddy." Then I return my gaze back to the family. I quickly grab the biggest, fattest one i can find and pin it to a cross set above its cage."You too will see the plight of your people." I look down to the remaining wondering what i should do.

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The maggot sighs in contentment as you rub its stomach. "Feels good refu..." Eventually, a spray of foul-smelling guacamole is released from its tail slit, and it sighs in happiness again. It falls asleep, until placed on the cold, wire-mesh floor of the opposite cage.

The mother takes this as a sign acceptance, not knowing of their impending doom. "Yay! Mr. Man is good after all, de!" She runs toward you, likely expecting to get a head rub. Instead, you lift her up by the waist. She still suspects nothing, striking the standard "cute" pose, though her large girth makes this seem even more grotesque than is normal. "Am I not cute, desu~n?"

Her smile fades to confusion as you place her arm on the rough wooden cross you prepared earlier. "De?" She finally understands what's going to happen when you place the sharp point of a pin on her arm and push.


The pin slides through easily, and impales itself into the wood, leaving the arm stuck. You repeat the process with the other three limbs, and hang the cross (with passenger) over the maggot's cage. The maggot is soon sprayed with he panicked, crucified mother's excrement. Not that it minds. In fact, it completely ignores her plight, and instead feeds upon the delicious feces. Saves you the trouble of cleaning the cage, anyway...

The other family members look up in shock. A kojissou cries out for her mother, but aside from that nobody moves or speaks.

((Wall of text, yes. Also, the family is one mother [the one who is hanging on a cross], two kojissous, a thumb-chan, and the maggot. Just a little tidbit you might like to know.))

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Sir, have you died?

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