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MLIA thread.
I went to the gym last night and worked out on the treadmill for the first time in months. Afterwards I went out for Thai food with my sister and ordered their hottest curry, and told them to bump up the heat from three chilies to five chilies. I conquered it and barely broke a sweat. I've never felt so pumped in my entire life.

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cool story sis

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today i logged onto irc. some person was running a bot that got MLIA quotes. MLIA

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I love how 80% of "upcoming" MLIAs are about how people are reading MLIA and found something so omglolrandum MLIA XDDD

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Today, I was putting water in my fish tank and my sister started freaking out because she thought I was trying to drown the fish. It took her 10 minutes to realise why I was laughing so hard.MLIA

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Today I was putting music on my iPod. When it got to the Titanic song, I was mindblown to see that it said 'Syncing Titanic'. It made my day. MLIA

I found a new site to bookmark.

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Today, something I would never expect happened. My xbox finally RROD'd.
It fucked my day?

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blow into the cartridge

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>never expected
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oh u.

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My dad just used the word "amirite" in a Facebook comment. It made me go >_>. MLIA

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"Today, I realized that the gays really have it easy. When they come out to their families, they can expect to be either embraced or shunned in short order. When I informed my dear Mum and Pops that I'm an ephebophiliac polyamorist, they congratulated me on my promotion and asked how much my raise was going to be. My Life is Sankaku Complex."

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Oh shit, I just learned a new word! And a damned useful one at that. Now I have more ammo for arguments against those who throw the word "pedofile" around like their own feces.

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