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Edit: FFFFFF forgot link

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I have to call bullshit on this one. We all know who the Russians really worship.

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SOMEONE Give me my Vodka!!!

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fuck yeah.

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fuck off furries!

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File: 1267057387719.jpg -(45.2 KiB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ohey guise, I'm here to fuck up your shit >:D

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>>11316 here

I'm serious. I had a cartoon crush on her. I might have to convert to being Russian to fulfill my horny childhood dream. o.o

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File: 1267178292789.jpg -(228.6 KiB, 736x964) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Go get your coat, then, it's cold in Russia.

Pic related to something GOOD that Russia contributed to the world.

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File: 1267389358981.jpg -(32.5 KiB, 149x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

we all had crushes on cartoon characters when we were kids... it's just when you're mid 30's, you dress like an animal and still have that same crush you have to ask yourself some questions.

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File: 1267561031658.jpg -(699.8 KiB, 990x991) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

wait....if you notice, there is no mentioning of sexual attraction to her, doesnt seem they want to stick it in her
Therefore im going to say...not furry

also note regardless of furry or not, WE'RE GETTING SHOWN UP

We must band together in large groups to worship our own goddess

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>band together in large groups

We're too scattered around the world for that to happen.

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File: 1267746692170.jpg -(77.4 KiB, 525x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

One day...

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STAR TREK, Leonard Nimoy, Jeffrey Hunter, and crew, beaming down in the transporter, from the Pilot episode: The Cage, 1965. Paramount/Courtesy: Everett Collection.

...commercial use teleportation coming soon?

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We must all migrate to our own land that we shall conquer and take for our own, and we shall build a mighty empire by making a 100% laissez faire internet policy, and selling servers and such

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File: 1267832776090.jpg -(256.1 KiB, 580x427) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

In the new land I suggest we model it after 177X France.

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And how different is that from most of the people on here? In general, of course.

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That's what I was thinking.
It seems to be yet another phobia of other people's sexual tastes, with those affected insisting that 1. they have logical reasons and 2. their own fetishes aren't as perverted.

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furryphobia is a meme.
the joke is obviously that the most horrible things are "AAWWWWRIIITE" in the chan sociosphere but one (quite harmless) thing randomly grew out to be all "like, terribad yaknow" to offer up a contrast. it's really a form of satire pointing out how in all common cultures there are things generally regarded as gross and "not done" that objectively don't have much of a basis in logic. much like those assholes who wish to ban the use of swearwords, not understanding that this would only cause new swearwords to be invented as the words have no meaning in and of themselves.

the really interesting thing though is that with this common prejudice in place against furries newfags picked up on it and really became convinced it's something terrible, all the while lurking in the loliguro boards without any qualms. I swear, if an anthropologist could get their teeth on that he'd have his doctorate in no-time.

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You are wrong,

Pedophilia and guro may be much more morally corrupt fetishes, however they make more sense psychologically speaking.

Its not that furries are really that bad, its that their fetish is significantly sillier, just enough for us to laugh at them, and that their constant self victimization makes it impossible to regard them as our moral equals. Also furries are fun to troll.

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I was also referring to crushes on cartoon characters. Desu, etc.

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File: 1268210141618.jpg -(8038 B, 184x184) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i normally wouldn't mind furries, but they're making an ass of themself. Ask a furry if he's into bestiality, he will decline. Ask him if he looks at drawn furryporn, he will mostlikely answer yes (if they answer honest). Tell them that it actually is like bestiality because it involves anthropomorph animals having sex and he goes all rage and tries to defend himself, trying to explain why it's sooo much different.

Furries are so easy to troll.

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yeah, I agree that the ease of trolling really helped a lot in them acquiring their current status, but that's really only what spurred it on in the beginning.

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furries having the most stupid backward sense of yes and no is what pisses everyone off, not the fetish, thats just usefull stuff when you want to convince normal people in the general public that they are bad.

Ive seen several furry threads attempt to start on /d/, all of them utter failures at life
One was arguing how furry shouldnt be allowed and kept asking why furry isnt allowed even though it was pointed out >9000 times
another came to /d/ saying "furrys are coming to /d/ because /b/ is too mean"
They are fuckin crybabies
Also many of them deny that its a sexual thing and they like "the art". This is the oldest bullshit furry exscuse in the book

they make me rage too much <:3c

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File: 1268451044747.jpg -(59.5 KiB, 414x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

also to those who know of her there is that unmentionable one who should never be named unless you are describing her destruction or torture

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Russia is sometimes odder than Japan. But would still love to learn Russian.

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>would still love to learn Russian.
>love to learn Russian.
>learn Russian.

You can quick start here:
it has all the most important parts!

My coat, my coat, yeah

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Черт холодно! Где мой пиджак?

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