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verrrry interesting.

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oh crazy. sav'd

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will wait till success is posted.

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This was already done on 4chan several times.

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What's done on 4chan is RARELY legitimate.

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I have heard that a number of places stopped taking internet coupons because of these. Some people just got ridiculous, like making a "Free PS3" coupon. Also, if you use coupons other people make, the barcode could easily read as "FAKELOL" on the register.

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As resident master of all that is counterfeit and downright fake, I'll elaborate on my experiences and give you fucks that are poor like me some wisdom.

First notice, however. A new version of the UPC standard is supposed to be implemented and active this year. What this might mean is completely unique coupons and essentially damn near the end of scamming yourself free shit with these sorts of things. Also, I'm drunk. If I sound drunk in this post rest assured, I am.

Everyone's favorite coupon, the Amp coupon. If you change the expiration date and roll over to most Wally Worlds it still works. I have acquired many boxes of Amp using this coupon. Over one-hundred. Not alone, but I'm counting the friends I'd bring with me to the store. Over $500 worth of Amp has been acquired, at least. Wally World has never said shit. They keep taking the coupons. I drove up the price of Amp in old city. It's amazing.

Now, I have a job and my own place, so I have the luxury of being able to be thrifty instead of scamming multi-million dollar corporations to feed myself. QuikTrip, Wally World, Starbucks, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, et cetera. I realize many of you don't have that luxury, are too dumb to make money, like to pretend you have assburgers and stay at your mother's, or are just plain cheap faggots that hate companies like the ones you want to scam. Regardless, if you can tell me how many fingers you have then you're smarter than the cashier most of the time so that's all that matters.

Down to business, now. A barcode is pretty simple, and a lot of soccer moms have this down. That .jpg is dead fucking on for how they work. However, certain manufacturers coupons (legit ones) in my experience can be different. Sometimes they'll have a specific product. Depends on the algorithm they're using. However, this is what allows you to use that "fifty cents off of niggerfaggot conditioner" coupon on the shampoo, instead. It's also how you -modify- existing coupons and make them awesome/free. I try not to create coupons from scratch.

As for "FAKELOL", they never program anything into the registers at a specific store to reject a certain coupon usually. They post pictures saying "do not accept coupons from this nigger or do not accept these coupons". Manufacturers coupons rarely are on that list. I've been feeding myself this way for years and a coupon only tends to get burnt out if you use it every day in a week for a week. I used to eat two free meals a day from gas stations this way. Damn near perfected cigarette coupons (which is another lesson entirely). Your worst case scenario with a coupon is a manager being called over who has the complete authority on "fuck this coupon" or "yeah, looks legit". You have NO idea how satisfying it is whenever you have a manager and a cashier looking at your coupon saying "yeah dude, this shit's real. You couldn't just print this at home."

I have no idea what I'm talking about at this point. I'm fuckin' trashed. C27 suck my dick. Butts. <3

Basically, what I'm getting at I think is that if you spend time on a coupon, pixel by pixel, you will get a good result. The most important part about coupon fraud is you have to talk and look twenty times sharper than your coupon or look as average as you possibly fucking can. This especially applies to scamming free pizza, which I will post my old coupons for if I get a /r/ for that ITT.

Nigger nigger nigger, nigger nigger niggers.

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I second this completely :V Not from my own experience scamming, but from working as a cashier for like, years.

We don't know shit, and we usually don't care about shit. You know why lines at WalMart etc take so long? 'Cause we don't give a fuck. :| That's about it. After working for like a month as a cashier I was pretty much able to scan an entire shopping cart full of clothes/etc in a few minutes. There's no reason to take ten minutes for half a basket.

That said, cashiers don't give a shit about coupons. Occasionally, the managers would post a notice, yeah. 'These coupons are fake! OH NOES TRYNA STEAL MONEY FROM US' I've never actually seen one of those coupons come in. I have seen those AMP ones, though, and I'd just lol.

Every other day or so someone will bring in a coupon that doesn't work, won't scan right or something. When that happens, I would call the manager.

"Yo dude"
"This coupon doesn't work"
"Manager override it, the number's ###"

So basically I could charge the coupon however much I wanted with the manager override. Seriously, how often do you hear about people getting busted for coupon fraud? Even if you get caught all you have to say is 'Oh, really? I got this coupon in the mail.'

The moral of the story is, I got fired for being a cashier because I short changed all my customers and took 60-100 dollars home a day, and I didn't get 'caught for about a year.

...Wait a minute, that's not a moral.

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Now that I'm reasonably sober, I'll post again. I've done a bit of research into coupon fraud, those who've been busted and those paid to occasionally notify Wally World of a fake coupon going around, and basically what I've learned is that you only get busted if you are the world's biggest fuck up or you're actually defrauding stores of thousands of dollars, cash.

CIC is the authority concerning coupon fraud. You know what's awesome about them? They list PDFs on their site WITH the coupons on them, barely edited. http://www.cents-off.com/body_coupon_counterfeiters.cfm

Something REALLY fucking awesome? This coupon is just the Amp coupon with different pictures on it, basically.

As you'll read in this, supposedly two arrests concerning coupon fraud of this nature have taken place and it gives tips to retailers on how to spot faek coupanz.

What to do? Read that list, do better than that. Making coupons on your home printer? Step it up. Take a trip to Best Buy with a thumb drive containing your coupons in both .jpg and .png format on there, use the nice ass glossy paper or their good shit on the display printers, don't cut it with scissors. Have a friend who works at Best Buy, had her cut a sheet of coupons for a friend and myself that we had just made on the printers there using her big ass razor paper slicer thing. Offices + Kinkos have them. Also, office/copy stores. I think it's worth shelling twenty-five cents on the top shelf ink+paper to get yourself a free pack of Amp. You don't have to bullshit the cashier, the manager always thinks it looks legit as fuck, you can say it was mailed to you as well.

As I said, this is how I used to eat. Was underage so I couldn't pull a nigger and try to get food stamps. I have this shit down to a science and if you practice at it you will as well.

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Someone tried to scam a free PS3 from me at work. I just tore it up, asked "Problem, sir?" and gave him my best trollface.

Then we gave each other a silent nod and he left.

Internet brofist for you, mystery /v/irgin, whereever you are.

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hahaha. aww.

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I think this goes without saying, be if you get caught, don't confess. Say you got the coupons from one of those coupon websites and thought they were real. Then apologize and pay full price or put the stuff back.

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