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We Anon collude to stop them by spreading the message of opposition to this subversion.

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If I had any kind of trust left to authority in my body, it just vanished into thin air. The governments are supposed to represent the opinions of the people, not the other way around!

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The governments of the world have always put themselves first, and its people after

Last edited 10/04/27(Tue)23:48.

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boku man is our only hope

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Democracy... is getting stupid by the minute... Where is the meaning called... freedom of the press?

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Fuck the man,
Fight the power.
Shit hits fan,
Might be shower.
Hit with ban,
Rights so sour.

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The concept of democracy is totally fucked up nowadays. In fact, it has always been fucked up in the history of mankind. Censorship is the opposite of freedom of speech, which is a right of every citizen on a truly democratic nation.

Problem is, our world is still infected with excessive moralism, which exists because of religions.

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If only there were a new continent to make a pilgrimage too
Clear out a deserted forest perhaps?
Somewhere in the middle of russia maybe, stake it out as our own continent, that or hope for one to float up from the bottom of the pacific

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Imagine a country full of win. Where everyone can has free, fast internets. Where child love is allowed (not rape). Where you aren't disrespected and/or punished for "moral reasons", but only for crimes that are clearly harmful against one's integrity, phisycally and mentally.

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Most uninhabited places are so for a reason. Even the most out-of-the-way places are under the jurisdiction of someone (see: Pitcairn Island), and no one can live a modern lifestyle without significant trading, which puts you at the mercy of all sorts of other entities.

The formation of novel societies may have to wait until the colonization of space.

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Supposing a community somewhere opened up tomorrow, how many of you would actually be able to drop what you're doing and move there? Keep in mind that there's no guarantee of being able to make any monetary income.

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We will show them again. The power of the Anonymous...

Censorship is away of KEEPING freedom away from the people. Especially if THESE people like the church or... people who care too much about Morals see it as an... @&$@$^$&^@&$&@!!!

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Well said. brofist

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Holy shit, I leave Desuchan for 2 weeks, and it turns into /b/ + Rozen Maiden.

What the fuck happened.

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>Desuchan turned into /b/ + Rozen Maiden

Err... Please elaborate on how we have changed in that direction AT ALL? Cuz aside from a couple of newfags bringing their /b/ shit over here (and getting the usual /b/ treatment from the mods), Desuchan is still FAAAAAAAARRRRR from /b/ + Rozen Maiden.

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I gave up on the video as soon as I saw the retarded 'Anonymous' logo.

>anon is lejun
>gubmint so evil
>lets rickroll the white house, that'll show them
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If that happens...

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I will eat...

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About half of...

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