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>"They said we could wear it on any other day," Daniel Galli said, "but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today."

Anyone else think political correctness and sensitivity is getting just a bit much
This also implies mexicans (the ones who are here legaly) arent american, and thier holiday has nothing to do with america
This country is utter shit, no this whole world is utter shit...
It needs more grimdark

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This is bullshit.

In America.

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Never seen shit like that up here in Canada. :3

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Fail on all sides. The Mexican Day of Independence is September 16. On the 5th of May, a group of peasants defeated the French at Puebla. That's all. 5 de Mayo is pretty much exclusively an American holiday.

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I'm just glad that the district disagrees with the school.

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also, conservative rage

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Extra fail since it happened at a school.

I find this incident especially interesting, mostly because it's been a few hundred years since you could be both patriotic and rebellious in a single act.

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you didn't check the link lol.

political idiocy at is best..

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um, what? My statement was valid - read the end of the article

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File: 1273268844886.jpg -(26.5 KiB, 283x277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I remember my Spanish teacher, the most highly respected man in my school district, basically told me that the only reason people heard of Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the States is because Corona wanted to sell more beer.

It's not even widely celebrated in Mexico. For that matter it celebrates a victory in a war that the Mexicans lost over all.

Though, at this rate we'll be able to demand days off during Golden Week.

Last edited 10/05/07(Fri)17:51.

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>>"The good folks at Gizmodo have clarified the story now. We got onioned . Sorry, move on! "
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Pulled, thanks.

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Fail. The kids were obviously being complete assholes on purpose, but if people can't be assholes, where has our freedom gone?

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File: 1273309145690.jpg -(25.0 KiB, 462x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Them being assholes doesn't discount the fact they that they didn't do anything wrong.

On any other day what they did would not be offensive, so why is it on a holiday that's not American in origin nor is widely celebrated in it's country of origin?

Is this what our fore fathers fought for?

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File: 1273326824655.jpg -(31.8 KiB, 410x308) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Even if there was intent to be an asshole, that very fact alone speaks volumes.

It even being considered "Being an asshole" or "making a statement" wearing a US flag IN AMERICA is pretty fucking crazy.

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wear a german flag in germany, get called nazi. welcome to the 21st "century of freedom", guys.

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Political correctness always seemed like a very formal form of behavior to me, one that would only be appropriate in certain circles. It doesn't serve much of a purpose in the world other than to used as a weapon by whiny groups and individuals to get their way.

If you really get offended by kids wearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo then I think there's something wrong with your character.

It makes me sad as a 'free' individual to see this. These days if you wear your country's flag you'll get disciplined? Patriotism is dead.

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I dont think Patriotism is dead, Its just busy in the middle easy at the moment

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I think nationalism is deluded and dangerous, but nationalism for a country you don't even live in (eg, Cinco de Mayo) is just absurd. Then again, I'm not going to give up Paddy's day... that's excusable as it's a cultural/ethnic thing I guess, and not about politics.

Last edited 10/05/08(Sat)16:07.

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What Cinco de Mayo is in the United States is simply an excuse to get drunk and a way for companies to sell more beer.

St. Patrick's Day is also similar.

As stated before what makes this situation even more bullshit is the fact that in Mexico Cinco De Mayo is a small regional holiday and not celebrated nationally.

These 5 boys got in trouble just because some people wanted to sell more beer.

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