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So I had this shit done on one of my teeth today.... Can't say I liked it, but I like that the ache is gone.

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A root canal?


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Nah, I had proper anesthesia and felt only light pulls when the doctor pulled the dead nerve endings out... Still I feel a little nervous waitin' the next time, as I have the temporary fillings in place which is supposed to withstand all the cola and shit I pour into my throat....

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I'm too poor for this fancy shit...
I had to have a problem tooth yanked recently ;_;

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Lol. Where I live, they don't ask can you afford it or not. They try to save the original teeth at all costs, and if the price comes too high, the fancy-goverment-company-I-cannot-translate pays most of it.

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root canals suck :/

But yeah - it's better to sit in the dentist chair a while, and have the pain gone.
Also, if you leave it go too long, the tooth can get an abcess, and eventually even destroy your jaw bone

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bitch be hurtin', huh?

as for germany, if you are 18+ you've gotta pay some part of it.

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