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Just something interesting for y'all to read. Not especially weird or fucked up, but poses some interesting questions about fathers in general.


WASHINGTON — President Obama, who barely knew his own father, devoted his afternoon Friday to promoting the importance of being a good dad, saying he wanted to start a "national conversation" on the subject.


"Fathers are our first teachers and coaches, they're our mentors and role models, they set an example of success and push us to succeed," Obama said at the White House. "When fathers are absent, when they abandon their responsibility to their children, we know the damage that does to our families."

Pic related, it's Obamadad

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The last time my father got involved in my life, he lost 4 teeth.

Food for thought...

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And what other more important things could he have been doing aside from writing a big speech for fathersday so he could look good?

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