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Alright, since I don't want to post this thread on Uboachan, due to it being infested with yaoi fangirls getting their jollies to corpses and cross-eyed pianists going in through the back door, let's have our very own lucid dreaming thread.

My personal LD experience:

>"Wake up" in my bed
>Perform reality check by looking at my digital clock twice within ten seconds, clock changes from reading around noon to 3:00 P.M., confirming this is a dream
>Remember theory that mirrors are a gateway to the soul
>Decide to check my own soul, apprehensively look into the mirror, half expecting to see my regular self, the other half anticipating some horrible vision.
>It's my normal self.
>"Phew, that's a rel - waitwhatthefuck"
>My reflection's ears are moving up to the top of my skull while simultaneously lengthening.
>Skin darkens, while face narrows and loses some fat, hair lightens
>Mirror now shows an attractive Viera version myself.
>Mirror-me: climbs out of the mirror, places a hand on her hip, and winks "You know, it would be more along the lines of mutual masturbation then incest, right?"
>Get freaky with my viera reflection
>Wake up, boxers are soaked in semen
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The species from FFXII? Haha, that's awesome.

I've only had one lucid dream that I can recall, but that's enough to keep me motivated into trying again, day after day.

This was last year.
#150, Night of October 10, Saturday. Lucid Dream
I’m having dinner with my family in some sort of rather fancy, Victorian styled dining room; I can assume that we’re in a large mansion. I continue to eat for a while and then I stand up. I look down at my hands and all of a sudden, for no reason whatsoever, I realize that this is a dream. I nearly wake up, but I manage to hold that in for a bit longer. Incredibly excited, I start thinking what to do, so I walk over to a small and narrow window and see a maid of the mansion mowing a large field of grass. For the sake of testing my abilities to do anything in my dream, with my mind and a gesture of my hand, I raise the grass 3 meters high, and laugh at how ridiculous all of this is. Unfortunately I’m unable to keep my excitement in anymore and accidentally manage to wake up. The whole dream lasted about 2 minutes.

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Yeah, if you become aware you're dreaming, your body will attempt to wake up. To avoid waking up, do something in the dream that forces your body to focus on it, like spinning around, or rubbing your hands together in opposite directions.

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holy crap i want to try this now. Having sex with a hotter, "fantasy" version of myself.

I've tried to have lucid dreams, but never managed it.
I DID somehow managed to wake up and have sleep paralysis after trying too hard (still don't know how it happened) I was so scared i started hyperventilating as soon as i was able to move. D: So this sort of stuff keeps me from repeated attempts.

But still, what's your method guys? Do you do something particular, like repeating randomly "this is a dream" when awake or something? I'm curious.

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No particular method, I just keep a journal. First step to lucid dreaming is remembering your dreams.

Easier said than done. :/

Last edited 10/07/14(Wed)03:11.

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You can also train yourself to perform reality checks on instinct. Start by doing something like trying to force your finger through your palm or breathe normally while pinching your nose in real life. Eventually, after doing this for a week, you'll start doing it unconsciously. Hopefully, it transfers over into your dream behavior, and when you realize that somehow your index finger is in the middle of your hand or you're still breathing with a closed nose, you'll realize you're dreaming.

Another method is to simply remain in bed, completely still, with your eyes close, and maintain that until your body falls asleep while your mind is still active, but that takes a lot of time, isn't guaranteed to work, and if you open your eyes at the wrong time, you can induce sleep paralysis, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what you want.

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Something I've always wondered about lucid dreaming: Once you start can you stop? I mean it'd be kickass to be god for a few nights but I'd end up missing me actual dream dreams.

Once I start lucid dreaming would I be stuck with it?

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No, it takes a large effort every time

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I actually have these very often, but my mind is so cloudy after I wake up "mid-dream" I forget to do anything awesome. I should start doing more reality checks... than I already do. :/

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I'd love to try this, but it's been almost half a year since I've remembered any of my dreams... Not sure I could pull this off.

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I'm certain I would eventually do various reality checks mid-dream but by then I'll be convinced being able to stick fingers though your palm and blowing through your nose while squeezing it shut is completely normal.
I can't count the times I've thought "this can't possibly be a dream. the sky being purple proves it."

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