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Soon I will be purchasing a copper alembic on a little bit smaller of a scale than the pictured for the purpose of distilling shit and making fire water. I'm curious as to whether any of you niggers have experience in this field and whether anybody has relevant shit or stories to post. Suggestions welcome.

I plan to distill NyQuil, Listerine, Colt 45, Cisco and other equally silly + ghetto substances. It will turn out amazing.

ITT we talk about the production of consumable alcohol in all forms.

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Distilled rough ethanol up to exactly 80% vol as part of a chemtech's course. Tasted like, uhh, alcohol, without the graininess of vodka. So, angostura bitters without the bitters and coloration, ie dull.

It's very hard to distill ethanol past about 92% volume without using carcinogenic process "drying" agents like benzene, so if you're offered 100% pure alcohol, it's poisonous. Obviously the pure alcohol on sale over the counter is poisoned with methanol to deter all but those unconcerned with their sight from drinking it.

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Given that ethanol and water form an azeotrope a bit past 92% I don't see myself even attempting to get past that if I'm good enough in the first place to hit the cap.

As for the topic of methanol what I could do, if feeling particularly careful, is have the alembic at a bit over 65C but still under 78C so that what methanol there is should boil out if left for a fair while at a stable temperature within those bounds. What would be much easier is not having to worry about that, however.

If I'm making malt liquor schnapps then my general yield per 40oz in a perfect world should be around 8oz of 80 proof liquor. I think the bum wine brandy is going to turn out much better. I'll eventually try to make serious liquor from my favorite ales and such but not until I've gotten the hang of it.

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Enjoy your loss of sight.

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i'm going to be distilling soon and i'm going to use Calciumcarbid as a drying agent then run it through a Brita filter. Seeing is overrated anyways.

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BUMP cuz i did it. http://desuchan.net/pro/res/849.html#849 though i haven't used any drying agents yet.

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If you don't mind potentially maiming your freezer, you could drill a hole at the top of the door, with a matching one near the bottom. Then attach your coil to those holes on the inside and put the I/O pipes in as usual. With that, you can get away with one of three things:
1) a smaller coil
2) A higher boiling temp
3) Higher production.
Hey, your freezer is there. use it.

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i almost did that. BUT I'm renting and its not really my freezer so i gave up on that idea. i also thought about running the coil through a 2 liter then filling it with water and freezing it. but there's too much of a chance it leaking then running down into my product :(

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Depends on how well you seal the joints. Also, give it some wiggle room. Cut the top off the bottle so the ice expands upwards, not internally. This should (IMHO) prevent the ice expansion from putting too much pressure on the coil and ruining it.
EDIT: Paper towel the hell out of the holes. OR, put something along the output pipe to redirect the drops. Even a piece of cardboard wedged under there should work, so long as it's touching the underside of the pipe.

Last edited 10/11/10(Wed)09:32.

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Pro. The French fry mash is really what makes it. Totally better than the toilet hooch I made recently (hot dog bun, ketchup, apples, et cetera in a ziploc).

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