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hi guys. I'm broke.... literally. I have $20.00 left in the bank and I got laid off last week. I have 5 credit card bills due. I need at least $200.00 to cover my ass for this and next month.

I'm not asking for any one person to help, but if you can spare a few bucks, please send them my way.

my paypal is [email protected] , please send if you can.

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I consider this spider to be worth $200 so here you go

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dude, he can't use that to pay his rent

it doesn't even have eight legs

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Is this the ask for money thread? Here, I'll post. I'm leaving for Ireland in three days with nothing more in my pocket than $40 + my backpack, one-way. I won't be receiving assistance from anybody back home and I need to hitchhike to France and possibly further on what money I have. Out of France there's the possibility I'll have to hitchhike to Sweden or Denmark. We'll see. If I feel like it I'll go to India.

Anyways, send me money. Currently working day labor and selling plasma to cover the other expenses along with any other work I can find. If you want to send me money send it to link attached.

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I owe the state of Pennsylvania $11,000 dollars, and dont have money for gas or food. U gib love?

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Crossposting from the other board:

>Don't look at me, but if you kite the cards it may help. Pay one off as much as you can, then take the money out and push it around the others.
>Legally they have to take against the oldest debt, so it resets time limits etc. Useful to know, obviously it's something they don't advertise. :)
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Debt is wealth!

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Here's a tip for you, don't go through the U.K.
Hitch hiking is all but banned on our quaint island. At best, you'll be arrested for terrorism.

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