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Lol'd at comments.

Pussy amerifags can't go to a sauna with 50C temp because they might see somebody not wearing a shirt, hahaha.

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lol'd at pussy eurofags who have to make fun of americans all the time.

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honostly, can you blame us?

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By pretending that the majority of americans are on the same level as the worst examples exhibited in the media, it lets them pretend that their own country (and its people as a result) doesn't suck as much.

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The entire reason I come to this board's off-topic and video games section is to get away from the constant "HURRR STRAWMAN ARGUMENT MY COUNTRY IS PERFECT YOUR COUNTRY IS A HELLHOLE" bullshit prevalent on 4chan. If I want a goddamn online country war being waged by the worst examples of both sides, I'd just stay in /int/.

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actually only 50% of this thread is "HURRR STRAWMAN ARGUMENT MY COUNTRY IS PERFECT YOUR COUNTRY IS A HELLHOLE", and its a 6 post thread

stop going "OMG THREE DRAMATIC POSTS! THIS PLACE MUST BE TURNING TO SHIT LIKE 4CHAN (who's entire userbase is so below me, im an intelectuall while they are all uneducated pigs)" your nose is pointed up in the air while saying this

Last edited 10/08/14(Sat)05:58.

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I'm an Uneducated High Class Intellectual Pig.

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I'm just better than everyone else.

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What you call a "HIGH CLASS INTELLECTUAL MINDSET", I call a preventative measures. I've seen enough country threads on this website to know that all of them devolve into a trolling/rage war, with no actual discussion outside of "I HATE X PEOPLE, Y CITIZENS ARE PERFECT", along with the general stereotypes (AMURRICANS ALL FAT, URROPEENS 1984, CHING CHONG NIP NONG MAO ZEDONG). Sorry for being cynical after seeing this particular show play itself out over and over with no deviation.

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Nationalism is a plague.

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File: 1281907017768.jpg -(69.1 KiB, 634x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I agree.

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I wasnt pointing out just this thread btw, i see it a LOT around here. You might be right to think that way in this case, but i see that mindset so much
And imo, we americans are fat :(
I work maintenance at a grocery store, i see so many fat people walk in and out every day, it disgusts me

Last edited 10/08/16(Mon)05:14.

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File: 1281925201786.jpg -(175.8 KiB, 1280x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think the last time nationalism actually got anything done was in germany... and that got several million jews fried, and several billion kids 4 years of holocaust.
Ever since we have pretty much demonized nationalism, and now everyone just seems to bitch about thier own countries when not in a discussion where they're country is called lame.
Admit it, when not in this thread you agree completely with what the other side is saying most of the time don't you?

We also demonized those pointy hats as fascist ;_;

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Also remind of the USSR.

i still wonder the greatness... XD

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