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/ot/ help me

I have a problem. I'm 20 and there's this girl in love with me. She's very cute and nice and she basically is somehow totally obsessed with me. To this point, it might sound good, but the problem is that I do have a girlfriend (and i dont want to break up with her) and that the girl is 15 years old. The problem is that I really want her, really bad. And it doesn't help at all that she's all the time flirting and teasing me, knowing that if either of us would get into trouble for this, it would be me. She knows perfectly that she has nothing to lose, and no one will ever know that she's all the time doing it on purpose. Everyone would just see me as a pedofile rapist if something would happen, she even told me so herself. Anyhow, there's a minor "but": She's turning 16 soon, and that's legal age in Finland. Everyone would condemn me but at least I wouldn't be breaking the law. Sadly I'm turning 21 too so there's still the 5 year gap D: guess I'm a pedofile then.

So. Should i go for it cause she obviously wants me to treat her as i see fit, or what? Of course I would break her heart cause I couldn't go into a real relationship with her, but she keeps telling me it's ok. I just dont want to hurt her too much, afterall she's very important to me. Btw, anyone familiar with the book "lolita" ? Somehow i can relate to Humbert and it feels bad man.

And no, she's not the girl of picture

what do?

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>what do?
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Take the odds brother.

Besides your the luckiest person I've encountered. There is a word, age doesn't matter on love. If she loves you and you love her then it's fine... Unless there are someone will stop you course... The jealous beings...

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Remember that love and lust are not that same thing. Even if you go with the younger girl is it really love? ask your self that if she was the same age as your girlfriend or older would you still want to be with her? Do you think you can have a truly deep emotional connection with her like you may or may not have with your current girlfriend? also if you have been with your current girl for a long time you shouldn't easily throw it all away just because someone cuter came around. if you use you're sexual desires as a dousing rod to find girls. You'll end up only having shallow physical relationships and once you get old you'll end up alone.

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screw ethics. fuck both womans and tell the little bitch you'll never speak to her again if she talks to anyone about what you're doing to her in your basement.

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dude, i think u need to chill the fuck out.

you're 21, so what? i'm 23 and i'd hit a 16 like a truck full of cranes.

i think a 5 year gap won't be much of a deal. i think NOW is the best time to do it, rather then when you're 31, which you will definitely get v&.
btw, she's young, sooner or later she'll learn about REAL relationship and shit anyway.

tl;dr fucking go for it you lucky bastard

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>Everyone would condemn me...

Define "everyone".

Really tho', 21 and 16 is perfectly ok in the laws of man and God, so who the Hells gunna raise a fuss other then psychos?

Last edited 11/02/01(Tue)12:11.

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You should stick with the girl you have now instead of picking this obsessed person that is after you man. First I'd lick to ask, does she know that you already have a girlfirned? If the answer is yes, and she's still after you then something is seriously wrong with her and you should avoid her at all costs, since being in a relationship with somewhat if not totally obeseessed person can be the biggest mistake you could possibly make. If no, then you should let her know before hand so that she can think about it first. But personally it may be best for you to stick with the woman you have. Until something bad happens between you two lmao XD

Last edited 11/02/01(Tue)14:52.

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OP here.

You know, this is a most peculiar situation to be in. To lighten up a bit for you guys: My Girlfriend actually knows that something is going on between us. We have a really open minded relationship and I dont believe she would leave me if something would happen. Of course she wouldn't like it but I'm sure we could talk it over. Afterall she understands that other people attract me too and she says everythings ok as long as she knows she's not going to lose me for someone else. It's just that if I go for it, I'll propably just end up hurting them both, even though the younger girl keeps telling that it's ok if I just use her as I wish. (She realizes I'm not gonna leave my girlfriend)

And oh btw everybody = friends mostly

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Past puberty, not pedophilia.

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>And oh btw everybody = friends mostly

They ain't your friends if they don't support ya.

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You're even considering hurting them both and going for the loli?
Fuck that, stick with the girl you have, especially if you don't truly love the 16 year old.

And definitly don't sacrafice your friends for the loli, thats just a bad idea.

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well said

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