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Might anyone happen to know who this is? That is, is she an idol or something?

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Hell yeah I might happen to know who that is. Met her at Kotoricon. Really friendly and outgoing but can't really speak english. Awesome personality and great performance though. Does shows in NYC all the time. Name is Reni Mimura. Website is http://renireni.com/

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She's much cuter from 200 ft away and around 3+ average height Caucasians to emphasize her height.

Saw her at Anime Boston last year, then bumped into her at the dealers hall and realized she was not as attractive at melee range.

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Aye, being 6'3" I was literally crouching there.

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Well that is an interesting fact.

I would love to teach her.

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The adventures of Bunny Girl & Drunken Brawler.

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