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We had websites go down for a day. We got noticed. There has been news that media-moguls cut the funding for obama due to his stance on the SOPA/PIPA. Now Megaupload is down on conspiracy and piracy charges and the sentences that might happen are ludacrious, even child rapist or murderer doesn't get that kind of sentences. You might think that we have killed SOPA/PIPA. We have not.

They are going to vote on PIPA on next tuesday, January 24 at 2:15 PM to get it move on. We cannot just sit on our asses, pat our backs and piss honey just because we had blackout for a day. We need to move into even bigger weapons. We need to hit them where they feel it. In their wallets.

You have no reason not to sacrifice one month from your lifes for this. If you are going to whine about it, I will refer you to Maddox, he can explain it to you better than I why you should join in this http://maddox.xmission.com/

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Huh. I didn't know Maddox was still updating that site.

Not sure how big an impact this would be if it were to work. I know Google got 4M signers on their petition, but even that big a protest would affect profit margins but so much. Hmm.

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I wasn't planning on buying anything in March anyway, 'cept for the new Gunslinger Girl but I guess that can wait.

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Wait, I- I mean my friend David downloaded a a doujin from Megaupload not to long ago...

Should I be scared?

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Oh yes, the Doujin Association of Japan could sue you millions. You should flee to Polynesia or something.

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