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A few years ago I was browsing through the internet and discovered what lucid dreaming was. Never having had one before, I read that keeping a dream journal would improve the odds of getting one, so I began to write in my own journal every morning.

The whole project was partially successful, but in the process of it all I wrote down some fairly interesting stories. I'll post a few, let me know if you're interested and I'll post more.

Anyone else, feel free to post your dreams in here as well.

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#3, Night of May 8, Friday.

Basically, my mother and I are standing in a long line for some rollercoaster ride in a theme park. The sun is blazing and the line goes around the corner so I've got no idea how long it is; my only guess is "very." As time passes and we slowly move along, we walk by an electronics store and the old lady that was standing in front of us the entire time had now disappeared inside said store, asking about something regarding monitors.

Anyway, we continue our slow progression and come to a road crossing where the traffic light is now red, but the line is packed as ever, mindlessly blocking the cars on the road. No one moves until the train lights start blinking and everyone scatters aside. This is no ordinary train, I notice, and as it passes in front of us it makes an instant U-turn (since the track were shaped that way) and the entire rear of the train swings its massive weight around, nearly hitting a bus. The train continues its path and vanishes around a corner.

Soon afterwards everyone began getting back in line and my mother and I could cut in, but instead I stood and stared at the tracks the train came from. They looked like rollercoaster tracks heading down a really steep tunnel, and somehow I realized that following those tracks was a shortcut. I asked my mother for an empty cola bottle that she promptly pulled out of her bag, and I placed it in between the rails (somehow it fit perfectly as the rails were really close to each other).

I sat on the cola bottle. Yes, sat on it. Now with me on that bottle, I slid down the rail and into the tunnel at a really fast speed that I could guess was about 60-70km/h (40mph). At this point I'm barely managing to hold on and as I travel down the rail two consecutive turns approach. With the first I manage to stay seated but the second turn is too sharp and steep for me to stay on the rail, and inertia swings me against the curves of the tunnel. Instead of stopping, my speed continues to slide me across the walls and I don't lose altitude either. However, the rail does, and at this point I'm sliding across a wall that's a good 3 meters (10 feet) above the rails. I fall onto the rail, but with the bottle still in my hand, I quickly place it under my ass and continue the rapid descent.

Now I notice that the end of the rail is near, and it happens to be a ramp, as the rail (and tunnel) simply end with a steep upward curve. Either way, I fly off the end of it not knowing what comes next, and to my dismay, I find myself flying above a large concrete bowl. Flying would be the wrong word to use here though, since I'm actually just travelling up with my momentum, but I'm about to fall down into this bowl, which happens to be about 3 stories below me. I'm dead.

I fall legs first and desperately try to roll to absorb the impact (despite knowing that this will kill me anyway) but the speed at which I was falling prevents me from doing so and my entire body simply crashes onto the concrete. The impact was hard, and my breath escaped me for a few moments, but surprisingly I'm still alive with just a few bruises and scratches.

I stand up and notice that there were two guys behind me, who look visibly stunned and ask "Dude, are you OK?" willing to help me. I reply with a simple "I'm fine" or something along those lines, and as I'm just about to leave, my mother comes running down the rails I came from, but doesn't jump down because it's pretty high after all. Looking worried, she asks if I'm okay and a few other small things. I'm still standing in this bowl, so I brush myself off and right before I manage to climb out of it, I wake up.

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#37, Night of June 12, Friday.

I find myself being chased by about 50 guys. Some look familiar, others I've never seen. In my hand is a regular sheet of paper, with the contents unknown because I seemingly have no interest in it. I'm running through the streets of a town that resembles one I know, but is distinctly different. Running with these people on my tail, I'm slightly faster than them and I don't seem to be getting tired.

I turn around and see their furious expressions. I can't tell if I'm afraid or having fun here, but at one point we all end up running across one street and I stop. I turn around and they do the same(?), 30 meters (100 feet) behind me. They tell me something I cannot recall, but my reply was funny. See, they said it in a language that used the letter 'k' a lot. My response was intentionally stuttering the letter a couple of times with a stupid expression and the kind of accent you use when mocking someone. This was the final blow. They were mad. I'm running like hell.

I'm still keeping ahead of them, but one in particular is pretty close to me. I end up at a fence that I think can be my final escape from these guys, and I'm confident I can climb it faster than them. I run up to it and make it to the top with 3 quick hops, but I don't go over it. My foot slips at the last moment and to prevent falling backwards, I jump back, landing right in the middle of the angry mob. End of dream recollection.

I may have made it back to the fence and over, I may have fought them, I may have just handed over the paper I was holding the whole time, I can't remember.

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File: 1333323736739.jpg -(68.1 KiB, 450x351) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This reminds me of one of my very few moments of dreams that i actually recall. This one was me sitting in some sort of paddle-boat with others, going down a rapid. Then there was a waterfall and while everyone else were like glued to the boat, safely riding down i seem to have lift off and my ony concern was it to kinda land safely AND keep up with the boat. When i managed to land into the boat at the bottom sea by whatever miracle, there was a second waterfall, same scenario again. not sure what happend there though.

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File: 1333434273349.jpg -(119.7 KiB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have a dream or two about the end every few months, not only that but I lucid dream at least once a week.

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Hmm, that does seem pretty similar to my dream, but I've never had anything too similar to what you've just mentioned.

Congrats, I'm jealous.

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Ah a dream thread. I always dream a lot. Often 3 to 4 dreams in a row. The side-effect is I had an Insomnia so it's hard to wake up in the middle of the night.

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File: 1334586039689.jpg -(18.8 KiB, 500x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's been a while since I posted here...

There have been instances where my dreams caught me emotionally, so much that I kept myself stuck on my bed to rekindle that dream. Other than that, never thought of doing a lucid dream yet; maybe if I have the time I would conjure up my cojones and get to it.

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File: 1335322681045.jpg -(408.7 KiB, 680x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I occasionally have cases of hypnogogia. It's probably the opposite of lucid dreaming, you're partially awake, but you can't control what you're doing.

I suppose it is similar to sleep walking.

Last edited 12/04/25(Wed)12:02.

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File: 1335474375246.jpg -(243.1 KiB, 535x2163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I find I don't dream anymore. It's annoying and I miss it.

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