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I'm bored, /ot/ is dead and i crave for a new zombie game, so let's have a report thread.

Post some Zombie Apocalpse Surviving Tips.

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Avoid usually popular places like Malls and schools aswell as "safe places" that first come to mind like police and fire stations. If you need supplies search through remote, small stores that you think used to have canned food and such. The chance to stumble upon a zombie mob is much lower in rural areas.

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What if a zombie apocalypse is to happen in a place where guns are banned, e.g. Singapore?

You make improvised weapons. Molotov cocktails, flame-throwers, or how about improvised potato cannons? Use whatever means of McGyvering to keep the zombies at bay.

To minimise an onslaught of zombies, barricading is a necessity. Use cars and furnitures to blockade all roads, and leave only one route for your party to escape.

The most imperative objective is to escape. If there is an airbase several clicks nearby, head your way through it and hope there are surviving pilots or any licensed pilots among your party members. Alternatively, you can hijack a ride and escape through roads. Ensure that you blockade the trail you leave behind to shake off chasing zombies.

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andor/ruskia/china play that sometimes, looks cool, you might be able to arrange to play with them some day if you get on irc.

(i don't play it because games, animu, and enjoying things in general is too mainstream for me)

edit: lol i just saged the top thread

Last edited 12/06/15(Fri)11:17.

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Well, if you live in the great white north like I do, with about 10 people per sq kilometre, you really don't have much to worry about. Shit, I live out in the boonies, so if I aggro'd every zombie in a 1km radius, I'd probably have to fight, 3 or 4 zombies...

I'd use an axe, and just chill in my house. Going into tovvn is just asking to get shot by some punk vvho got his hands on a gun before you.

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I'm a necron.

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Don't really do irc. Nor am i very active here/ idk if anyone even really knows me lol

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