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well peepz, I'm feeling depressed. I have no reason to lie here CUZ I IZ ANONIMUZ, so I'll just spill my guts to the well-manicured thin gentlemen and thousands of hot girls who use this site. I've been sent to the psych ward 3 times, and this last time they wanted to give me electroshock therapy but I said no. Tried suicide, but I failed at that too. What do? And how was your day today? :D

inb4 kill yourself
inb4 don't say inb4 b4 b4 b4

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I acknowledge no master, save for the almighty spectre of death. In its name, I will reap all signs of life from this galaxy, leaving nothing but a barren monument to timeless inevitability. Call it what you will, but this is the pursuit of nothing less than perfection. Those who cannot understand its necessity are clearly flawed, but they should not despair -- I will ensure that they do not live to see the final stage of the work completed.

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uhm... err... Good luck with that!

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sorry bro you failed at an an hero. thats the fucken easiest thing to do. if you couldn't do that right. what are the chances you'll do any thing els right in life.

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Actually, that can be more difficult than you realize. More than a few people have survived self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head and brain.

OP, you forgot to say country. That matters. Us Amerifags have few options for mental health care, but Eurofags may have more. Of course, best option is probably not to ask on a fucking *Chan, no matter how much less-faggy Desuchan may be.

However, since I'm in a good mood today and you are a fellow Dollfag, I'll give you this list as a freebie. It assumes you are Amerifag.






So yeah, have fun with that.

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Do not listen to "Pssychologists", they're glorified witch doctors. Instead, put your faith in the Moriya Shrine and see the light today.

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A man with nothing can still offer his life.

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Does Gensokyo have a foreign legion?

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