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I didn't know where to put this, so I left it here. It basically concerns the lovely maidens that this site is best known for.

It started when I heard Hina Ichigo mutter 'ooh la la' in one part of the manga, and it got me thinking. Do each of the Maidens represent a different country/nationality? Judging from Hina's brief French there, I took a stab in the dark and came up with these suggestions.

Shinku - Her preference for tea and her high-class manor give off strong, upper-class English lady vibes.

Hina - The small French bit, and her curled hairstyle seem to indicate French/Anglo signs.

Suiseiseki - The headpiece and how her green dress is designed, coupled with shoes that look a bit clog-like, make me feel like she's supposed to be a young Swiss lady.

Souseiseki - Likewise for Souseiseki, she is dressed in a Swiss manner for a young boy.

Kanaria - Kanaria's was one of the hardest to pin down, but judging from her dress design, I came up with either Slavic or Russian traits.

Suigintou - the upside-down Catholic crosses on her dress made me think either Spanish or Italian (despite not having the skin tone for either), but it's up for debate.

Again, this is all speculation of a mad god trying to make sense of fictional gods. Who wants cheese?

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That's interesting you know, I do remember Hina saying something in french in the manga, but truly I don't know if the dolls make refences to other cultures since that is an unknow topic for me, I did have the same tought about shinku and his preference for tea, about Gins clothes, well, she fills more the tipycal "angel of death" character in fantasy stories.

I've always wondered if the maidens know other languages, they must know german since they were made in germany if I recall correctly, but who knows, maybe in the future we may read about an story about the maidens in other countries. I will like to have an expanded universe equivalent applied to rozen maiden.

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this too I guess

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Why is Boku Ottoman/Turkey?

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Boku should be in the Netherlands or Greece

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both pictures got kanaria right :D

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