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Desuchan funeral bread

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You sure about that?

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Daysuchan discord when? drop IRC

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I would like to interject for a moment. discord is considered harmful. IRC is simple, open (& free) and lightweight technology, unlike discord.
Discord gets its money either via data mining or oneday it will be sold (along with the user data and """analytics""") to the highest bidder.

You can choose the IRC client you want to use, but with discord there is no choice: you must use their client, and no you cannot customize it as much as you would like to.
Running the discord client is like running a separate instance of Chrome browser, whereas IRC is lightweight and it just werks.

In the end, neither IRC nor discord can replace imageboards. To revive this place, we could try shilling this place on other imageboards.

Actually, i am new here (kinda?). I used to lurk here couple of times back when this place was (a lot) more active, but this is probably my first post here. I found this site in my bookmarks. I am a bit late to the party, i guess...

I read couple of old(er) threads and I even ordered Rozen Maiden (the original series) DVD box set.

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>discord is considered harmful

What the fuck are you talking about.

Sure, IRC is free, open, etc etc, but hey, not really that convenient and kinda requires you to either be online 24/7 to be able to read all the logs from where you were AFK, or run the client on some server and log in to that server every once in a while. Second option is pretty much the same as first option but doesn't require your PC to be on all the time. Anyway, there is no other way to get your logs from the time you were not on IRC in person. And that is the most inconvenient thing about IRC.

Discord, on the other hand, offers you all the logs you want from virtually any given time. This and the fact that you probably already are or will be lurking some other DC servers makes is even better, since you have all your chats in single place.

And yeah, you need their own client for that, but what of it? It's rather normal isn't it? You afraid of your chats being read by Discord admins or your data being sold somewhere? Well, I can't see how they would be able to process private conversations or random chats of all the people using Discord that way. And even if they are able to do that, it's their right to do that. You don't like it - don't use it, it's simple. For simioiar reason I don't use facebook. Only that facebook requires you to give them your real name and a bunch of personal data I wouldn't really share with strangers, so Discords is not that nasty on that field in comparison, is it?

So I wouldn't consider Discord harmful in any way. I doubt they would do something awful with data they get from people's conversations, I can't imagine what kind of risk are you seeing in using their client either. It's just really friendly-to-use chat client, and I'd be more than happy to join official Desuchan's server one day. Only that it would turn the imageboard totally useless at that point, but since it's not lively anymore, maybe it would be for the better for this community as a whole to change its medium from imageboard to a popular chat application?

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File: 1518134395819.jpg -(114.2 KiB, 465x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Pretty much this, I'd be more involved on desuchan's irc if there were logs to look back on and pick up convos.
The imageboard might be dead but the community that still lives can live on.

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File: 1518199078792.jpg -(114.3 KiB, 600x840) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Strange, isnt it? Some unseen force is calling to the dollfags, since I also came back here fairly recently.

Would be a great way to recuperate. We could round up our numbers and see what plans we can come up with.

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Then maybe let's make it a thing? Official Desuchan Discord server, that is. I don't think I should be bossing around by making one and call it Desuchan's Discord server on my own accord, so maybe someone from the administration should do it. I'd be more than happy to join (although I don't spend that much time on Discord recently, it still would be nice to chat with you guys from time to time).

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you niggers better invite me

I need to get back on irc tbh

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