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I don't mean to hoard my website here. But I would love any uploaded content you guys can give me. The moar QB the better.

Anyways, it's an Anime themed Community Site where users can make their own pages and ......

Think of Crunchyroll without the html restrictions.

That's basically it.

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well... I asked.... got nothing... thanks.

I have an ad campaign going on for 10 days on facebook. If you would like to see me fail don't do anything. Just sit there like a lard-ass.

I'll post my progress later.

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Interesting ad campaign.
You're advertising in a place where you probably shouldn't, and asking to get away with it as a "favour", then you have the Gaul to insult and alienate your potential audience! If your second post had been along the lines of "Great stuff guys, glad to see a few of your around - your uploads are making a great impact yada yada" then, despite it being a lie, you probably would have receive more hits; you made the audience feel good about your site.

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I'm a troll admin. And I enjoy it. :D

probably not the best idea to be asking for help on a chan either.

Last edited 11/08/23(Tue)01:49.

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sounds like TESNexus to me: first demand community, then bitch about how much of a dick said community is.

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>hoard my website




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