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Since i'm mostlikely starting from scratch as noted in >>956 i made a new thread.
Ok, here's the deal, i'll try to keep it TL;DR as possible:

The theme is a few years after the original dolls where suddenly custom dolls, each with their own powers, appear. The Rozen dolls and their mediums may have a cameo appearance, but will generally have disappeared.

The combat will be more emphasized, having critters in form of living, corrupted toys rioting in the city (who appeared at about the same time as the dolls). Instead of grindan gaems and level-ups, dolls are encouraged to accomplish "quests", for example neutralizing a boss toy, which will be rewarded with mysticas.
Mysticas have different forms, not only rings but also talismans, medallions etc., each with their own characteristic, e.g. one will boost elementary powers while others give you the ability to fly and so forth. Dolls are limited as to how many mysticas they can wear though; and unequipped mysticas will have no effect (to prevent overpowering). You will still be able to battle against other dolls over a mystica, winner can take any one (only one) he desires.

Human race will as well be playable. I am not completely sure how to make them involve in the combat, so they are not useless bystanders. Of course being a medium with a Doll will have a huge impact on both, which encourages my idea of having humans be able to use "magical weapons", having a bond with a doll will boost those weapons as well as the dolls abilities.

If you got any fantabulous ideas or questions, post ITT

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So uhh, what type of game are you going for? Fighting game, or something more adventurous?

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I hope you know what a MUSH is :V
Though i will go more back to the clasic MUD's from which it stems from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD

Think of it as one of those classic text adventure games, but multiplayer... or an IRC MMORPG.

Unlike the common grinding, like i said in OP, combat against monsters will be involved, but the main goal is to explore "dungeons" and loot it's treasures to advance your characters strength. There will be no EXP, however, mobs drop money and sometimes more or less valuable items. ...Kinda like zelda.

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