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Any chance of an mp3 of this?

Its super marsia world for those not bothered to look at the link.

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Call within the next twenty minutes and I'll throw in the underground and castle themes, absolutely free. Here's how to order.

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Marisa be with you sir

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dudes, really now. you can just rip the youtube file and recode it to mp3 easy as cake.
you need 2 things:
-firefox with downloadhelper addon
-recoder, I use pirated version of "magic video converter". torrent it.

if you rip 10 songs and recode all 10 in one go it's little hassle too.

otherwise, you could try sites like listentoyoutube.com or youtubetomp3.com or whatever. google those.
those generally don't support HQ vids though.

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http://www.video2mp3.net/ supports HQ video.

Last edited 09/07/09(Thu)02:03.

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ugh the quality sucks when you do that though

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naturally you download the HQ vids.

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