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Since I still suck at Italian, and want to know what is sung in the song,can sum Italianfag ,or someone who speaks Italian translate Mata No Hi~Prologo~ 's lyrics,plz?

Pic very related.

Edit: Eva ? Would you be so kind~ <3 ?

Last edited 09/07/23(Thu)07:56.

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oh well, if you ask it so nicely... XP
here it is. I did my best.

fools, gather under the powerful wings
come, with the lament's trumpets echoing to the sky

burn the nettle crown and offer it on the altar of Destiny

the Great Witch comes from the depth of abyss
and will give You her capricious favors

soon the judgment day will come
invoke her name, with courage, hate and admiration

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I really love you <3

And...Wow, that sounds AWESOME.

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it's ok, it was fun translating this.
song sounds awesome, indeed.

sage for lack of content

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