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Can somebody find me a direct download for the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Expansion Packs Wacky Workds and Time Twister? Torrents are being bitchy...

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looks promising
unless with being bitchy you mean you can find the torrent but not download stuff.

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>can find the torrent but not download stuff.


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if you can use usenet you could have a look here http://binsearch.info/index.php?q=coaster+tycoon&m=&max=50&adv_g=&adv_age=50&adv_sort=date&minsize=&maxsize=&font=small&postdate=

otherwise... fix your torrents lol. I doubt you'll find this as regular dd

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Oh wow, Usenet... Is there a guide or something?

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I only started looking into it myself very recently.

basically you need acces either via your ISP or you gotta pay extra for it. (my isp offers it as part of my subscription, cheaper isp's generally don't) and they would then call it newsgroups or something.

even when you have access it's still more complicated than torrents.
you need a client to connect to usenet and download stuff. when you have that you use a site like that binsearch to make a nzb file which kind of acts like a torrent file.
the "newsgrabber" uses that nzb file to find the data on the servers and then downloads it.

only good site with guides and everything that I know of is fully in Dutch so you'll have to look for more yourself.

Last edited 09/12/05(Sat)10:44.

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I finally got the torrent working... o__o

Thanks guys.

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