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I'm looking for this translated loli manga. One chapter had this slutty loli that shagged an innocent shota in an elevator. Another chapter had (same?) slutty loli that shagged a bunch of men (I think it was in a bath-house? detail's blurry) and said her goal was to shag as many people as possible, and then disappears into the wind, never to see those men again and presumably to shag more men.

Much appreciated if you can tell me the title of this thing.

Pic not related.

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sounds vaguely familiar...
you might wanna look into the "comic RIN" series. I think it might be part of that.

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Hunting it down now. I'll edit this post within the next day.

Name is Roundshell by Wanyanaguda translated by RandomTranslator.
For more information: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=37294

If you want a download link just tell me what site you want it on.

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