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Greetings. I was wondering if anyone had the name, or complete set of images similar to the one I have posted.

The general premise of this image set is a culture festival in which one class is exhibiting various torture devices... with actual people on them (the devices themselves have semi-benign twists to make them seem safe...ish.)

It is quite entertaining, and if anyone could provide the rest of the images, or a downloadable set, it would be much appreciated.

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i think that the best place to ask for this story is Gurochan, as guro material is not allowed on Desuchan (if my memory serves, even if there's not eccessive mutilation, it still classifies as gore)
plus, i think more people will know what you're talking about :)

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oh look, a thread has been started for this.
There's basically the whole translated collection (or what has been translated so far)

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