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how bout Cutie Honey anime? Checked everywhere only to find live and Re: (which i'm downloading atm)

Im looking for new cutie honey, cutie honey flash, and the original '73 cutie honey

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I'll do some digging around if I can get a source on this gif.

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looks like something from the Wakfu animated cartoon thing.
(yeah i'm very useful i know :V)

Last edited 10/10/01(Fri)17:38.

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Bingo! it is from Wakfu, a french... anime (dare i say.) look through /media/ for it

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Nice! Thanks you two. I also signed up for the beta MMO that will be coming out shortly. For some reason I really really like this animation style. =^_^=

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What about Cutie Honey? i did find/dl ep. 1-10 of the '73 series though

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It seems that this isn't very popular. The torrents that used to exist don't now and the FLASH I could find are in packs of 1-5. I found 2 sites that streamed some of the episodes, but the videos were removed. In my honest opinion, you will not find all 39 episodes of FLASH on the internet. You will probably need a friend who knows a friend etc. As far as the 2007 TV release, there is nothing around. I hope somebody can give you some better news.

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I think i found something.
Tf2chan's "files" board seem to have all the episodes until ep 26, hard subbed.
i still didn't download any of that so i don't know if they are legit, but the links are working.

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